Studio Guidelines

Create a fun place to perform.

Over the years we’ve realised that the best way to make our dance studio a great place to be is to create an environment that’s respectful, inclusive and warm.

To manage this we ask all our students and families to follow our dance studio guidelines.

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For parents

We have the following rules in place for parents:

  • Please do not talk to any child other than your own
  • Please ensure your child has gone to the toilet before class begins
  • Please do not eat inside the dance studios
  • Please do not allow your children into the studio unless a teacher is present
  • Please do not allow siblings into any class unless directly supervised by you
  • Please be mindful in the car park and watch for children
  • All children must escorted in and out of the building and won’t be allowed to leave without a parent

For children

We have the following rules in place for children:

  • Please be respectful at all times to your fellow class mates and parents
  • Please do not run in the studio or hallways
  • Please do not swing on the dance barres
  • Please do not eat inside the dance studio
  • Please do not remove equipment from the studio
  • Please do not use any equipment unless instructed by the teachers
  • Please do not enter the staffroom or office

Other rules and guidelines

  • Arrive early: Please be at class at least 10 minutes before start time. This enables you or your child to catch up with other students, stretch, prepare and be ready to fully focus on your class.
  • Water: Students should bring water bottles to class
  • Fees: All fees are to be paid by due date unless a payment plan has been agreed on. Invoices are emailed at the start of each term
  • Uniform: We believe that if a student looks like a dancer, they’ll feel like a dancer and that’s why we require students wear the correct uniform for all classes. Check the shop for uniform information.

Get in touch

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Social Media Policy

If you’d like to know more about Stepnout Performing Arts Social Media Policy, check out MediaConsentForm-ChildStudent.pdf


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