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4 Muscles That Will Save Your Students’ Pirouettes, Plus 4 Exercises to Strengthen Them

September 14, 2018The perfect Pirouette …. every dancers dream. This article has some great tips on the muscles to strengthen to improve your Pirouettes. Just imagine how impressive you could be at the concert. You answers are just 1 click away. Happy strengthening!   Article sourced from Photo sourced from  

Performance Teams or Recreational Dance classes – what is the best fit for your family?

September 7, 2018Wow. This is quite a topic. I hope that I can provide some information about the benefits of both but at the same time highlight the differences. As you know Stepnout Performing Arts offers both streams of dance. It’s wonderful to have options but deciding which option best suits your child and family circumstances can...
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September 7, 2018When did you start dancing? At the age of three What’s your favourite part of teaching? Sharing my love passion and knowledge with my students while learning new and awesome things about them If you weren’t teaching dance, what would you do? Writing What is your life outside of Stepnout? International level cheer and dance...
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September Stepnout Students of the Month

September 1, 2018Preschooler Lincoln Lincoln has shown great listening and determination towards his dancing this month. He is a funny and bubbly addition to our class. Lincoln is always willing to be a leader and is super friendly to all of his classmates. He has improved greatly this term, especially in tap!! He is such a pleasure...
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I Don’t Have Enough Energy for Dance Blog

August 31, 2018While searching for this weeks blog I found this question. It’s really important for dancers but people of all walks of life. “Water, good nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise are all important components of a healthy, energetic life. Having one part out of balance will influence all the rest.” It’s short and sweet and simple...
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Lessons Learned

August 24, 2018Navigating their way through the jungle of life can be absolutely frightful for kids and teens. There are so many potential road blocks that it’s easy to see how daunting and stressful life can be. While researching for another topic I came across this great article. The advice here is concise and priceless. Although it...
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August 24, 2018When did you start dancing?   When I was 3 years old in creative dance class then strict ballet What’s your favourite part of teaching? Seeing the realisation of students when they get something and they discover what dance can be for them. If you weren’t teaching dance, what would you do? I would be...
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Failure is not an Option…It’s A Necessity!

August 17, 2018There is so much to teach our children. We can help them become Amazing Humans….The planet could certainly do with a future of Amazing Humans. Learning to cope and move forward from failure is one of the ingredients towards success. I hope you find this blog as interesting and thought provoking as I did. Happy...
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Stepnout Performing Arts Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Promo Video

August 10, 2018Wow! Here is the Promo video of the amazing Point Lonsdale Lighthouse photoshoot. It is way back in the distant warm past of February 2018. It seems so long ago as we freeze in the dreary winter months but of course, it was only 6 months ago. We are so pleased by the photos some...
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August 10, 2018When did you start dancing? When I was three. My first dance was to ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ What’s your favourite part of teaching? Seeing students having fun in class and learning to move in different ways as well as watching their passion for dance grow If you weren’t teaching dance, what...
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