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School Spirit Award Recipients: Charlotte, Kundanika and Meesha

March 16, 2018School Spirit Award Recipients This award is for students that model our values and the qualities that we strive to instill in all our students. This years recipients have been outstanding in their commitment to the studio and our students. They always offer their assistance to staff at the studio, at rehearsals, performances, photo days...
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Dance moms don’t exist! Let me tell you why?

March 16, 2018I really enjoyed this blog , I hope you do to! Happy reading! Dance moms don’t exist! Let me tell you why?

The Art and Science of the Perfect Plié

March 9, 2018Here is a great blog for all our budding ballerinas. How to master a perfect Plié!  by Eric Franklin and sourced from Happy reading!  

Finishing on success: when it’s important; and why it’s necessary?

March 2, 2018Here is another great blog to enjoy. Happy reading everyone! Finishing on success: When is it important; and why is it necessary?

March Stepnout Students of the Month

March 1, 2018Preschooler Tia-Mai Tia-Mai has grown so much since last year. She is such a delight to have in class. Tia-Mai always smiles and has something special to tell the class. She is so focussed this year and I am so excited to see her growth in class, especially as she is doing Tap, Jazz and...
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The science behind hip joints: Why overstretching is not just unattractive and uncontrolled dance

February 23, 2018Here is an interesting blog to read. Great for students and parents. Happy reading! The science behind hip joints: Why over stretching is not just unattractive and uncontrolled dance.  

Stepnout Performing Arts has hit the ground running!

February 20, 2018Welcome to 2018! We are in full swing and our calendar is filling up very quickly. Welcome back to our 2017 families and staff. A very big welcome to our new families and 2018 staff. It’s wonderful to have you all join our Stepnout Performing Arts family. We are one big, happy family and can’t...
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2017 Scholarship Winner

February 16, 2018Jack Jack has come a long way in such a short amount of time. He joined our Stepnout family early last year and was quite reserved. We were all so proud of how far Jack came during 2016 finishing with a great performance in the concert. This year Jack has really extended himself and branched...
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February Stepnout Students of the Month

February 14, 2018Preschooler Maharli A big Congratulations to Maharli. She was a super star in our Preschool 2017 Shining Stars Concert. Maharli knew both her dances really well and shone out on stage with her gorgeous smile. It was obvious to everyone that she just loved being on stage. As well as performing her 2 class routines, Maharli...
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2017 Scholarship Winner

February 9, 2018Ebonie Ebonie has developed into a lovely dancer over the 13 years that she has been part of the Stepnout family. She has gone from strength to strength and has really excelled this year. Under advice Ebonie has taken on a class that she was unsure about and has taken the challenge head on and...
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