BUS for concert rehersals

As you will have noticed with our Kids/Teens and Adults Rehearsals at GPAC are on a Monday and Tuesday afternoons starting approximately 3.30- 4pm (TBC). Unfortunately these are the only rehearsal time we were able to reserve and we do expect you child to participate in these afternoons.

We understand that driving to geelong during school pick up times may be difficult for some families, so we are looking at hiring a bus that will pick up students from the studio and drop them back off after rehearsals are finished. This will be dependant on how many people are interested so please send us an email or speak with one of the office staff if you are interested. There will be a fee involved if you wish to use the bus service provided. We will be able to give you some more information when we know roughly how many people are interested in this.

Stay Tuned for more up dates on this Bus service.

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