July Student Of The Month

July 31, 2015


Vaishno Jit

vishno thurs 1.30



Vaishno is a lovely little girl who attends every class with a big smile. She is an amazing listener and has a friendly nature with the other girls. She is always practicing at home and has wonderful technique in tap. She is becoming a wonderful little dancer in the short time she has been at the studio. Keep up the terrific job, Vaishno.







Aiden Siah


adian tues4.45hh

Aiden is one enthusiac little dancer. We have had the pleasure of seeing Aiden grow into the dancer he is today. He is always grooving and practicing. Aiden always encourages all of his classmates and is a wonderful role model for the other boys in the class. He is constantly trying new moves and new gives up. You are doing an amazing job, Aiden keep up the work!





Glenn Dillon




Glenn has come a long way since starting this year. He is an amazing role model for the young kids in the class and influences more boys to come and dance. Glen is a hard worker in class and has an important role being the only boy in the class. He is always there to try new lifts and is keen to learn more. Keep up the amazing work, Glenn.


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