Month: October 2015

Congratulations to Our Senior School

Wow!!! What an amazing day!

A big congratulations to all our Senior School students and teachers and staff. We did it! The hard work paid off. The teachers were all so very proud of your performances on stage and your behaviour backstage. It’s a huge day with lots of kids and helpers backstage and all the kids were outstanding. A credit to their parents and teachers.

A big thankyou to the parent helpers. We couldn’t have done it without all your assistance on the day and at rehearsals.

This one day had months of planning, many helpers with costumes/sequinning, costume fittings and music preparations. Many staff coming together with classes, parents having extra drop offs for rehearsals, photographers and Video’s. The many hours of spreadsheets, medical, contacts info, phone calls, lost stockings, hair and makeup.

So many people contributed to our Senior school Showcase. I am unable to name you all but truly appreciate your involvement.

Thanks again to Trudy Roether for all her hard work making costumes and Simone Lockwood and Cathy Moiler for their amazing assistance. Thanks also to everyone else who helped with costumes.


Congratuations to Samantha Limina, our Outstanding Achievement Award for 2015 winner.

Samantha is amazing. She is gentle, respectful of others, always happy to give  a helping hand and give others support. She is one of the hardest working girls here and she does it all with a smile. She is a quiet achiever, always determined to better herself in each and every class, and this year it has payed off. As part of our under 15s performance team she has shown just how great a performer she is. She has overcome some hurdles over the last couple years but never missed a beat. She is such a great role model to our younger students and has taken a few of our younger Musical Theatre kids under her wing this year. Well done Sam you are a Superstar!

Thanks to Chris and Deluxe Videos for the $500 sponsorship for this award recipient.


Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship recipients.

Eden Laurence

Eden has been a star in 2015. She has shone brightly and gained more confidence in her teaching all year. She is one of our student teachers. Eden is dedicated in learning and pushing herself to achieve her goals, achieving Honours with Distinction in her level 3 Street Beat exam. She has matured so much this year and we are really proud to have her around our younger students. Eden is such a beautiful role model for all the students. Thank You Eden for all your hard work in class but always offering to assist the teachers and mum whenever you’re in.


Caitlin Dennison

Caitlin is a pleasure to have at our studio. She is polite , has excellent class etiquette, and always gives 100% no matter her ability. Caitlin listens to corrections in the places that needs improvement and applies them straight away.

You have been an absolute pleasure to teach and show great potential and you are very eager to learn.  You are a fantastic role model. Thank You Caitlin for being you.


Alana Rhodes

Alana has been dancing at Stepping Out for many years. We have been watching her grow every year but this year she has truly blossomed. Alana works hard in all of her classes and brings great character to her musical theatre class. All those classes and the hard work has payed off Alana. Your teachers are thrilled with how far you’ve progressed over the years and are excited to offer you this scholarship to continue your learning.


Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support.

The teachers are all looking forward to new and fun classes from now until Saturday 12th December. It’s time for new skills and lots of fun.

Until my next post…….


Senior Concert Day!!!

Wow!! It’s finally here!

Best wishes from all the staff at Stepping out Performing Arts!

You have all been working really hard to get to this point. The rehearsing has all paid off. Now it is your chance to shine!

Smile and show your family just how much you love to dance.

Concerts are what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

There is nothing better than being up on stage with costumes and makeup on, lights shining and the music pumping.

Breathe it all in! Have fun!

Parents and friends don’t forget to cheer your children on. Performings is wonderful but loud cheers at the end makes it awesome! This is their day but they doing it all for you. A show with lots of cheering makes the performance that much better. Don’t be reserved and quiet, show them just how much care!

We look forward to showcasing just what our students can do. They have all been working really hard to get here in class, at rehearsals and at home practising tirelessly.

You will all be receiving a DVD to remember the occasion. There will be action shots available that you can purchase from Mark Gadsden. Keep an eye out for more information.

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


Rehearsals and Practising!


As the concerts are fast approaching I wanted to remind everyone just how important it is to practise and attend rehearsals.

Formalised rehearsals are of utmost importance for everyone. Teachers, students, technicians and parents. We have only GPAC rehearsals left before our Senior concert but they are extremely important for us all

For teachers it is a chance to see the routine on stage in correct placement and prepare all technical cues. They can then assist students back at the studio for the last classes on what to focus on and remember from the rehearsal.

For students it is the chance to dance on the stage. Knowing their surroundings both on and off stage is paramount. Knowing their positions and movement during the dances in relation to the stage is essential to a confident performance. Students get a feel for the environment and are then much more assured about the whole experience.

Technicians are given the run down for each routine which enable the show to run smoothly. Lighting, curtains, microphone and music cues are organised. For our staff that have backstage rolls they get the practice required for cues, props and preparations for every dance..

Parents can be confident that they child knows the rundown for the show and are aware of the environment before the show. Parent helpers will know where they will be situated during the concert and will know how to prepare the students for going on and off stage.

The most important thing is knowing the environment for everyone. Students are more confident and enjoy the experience much more if they are familiar with the process. Rehearsals make for a great show. Attendance is essential.

Repetition is the only way to learn routines. It works for the mind but is also crucial for the body. By practising we are able to become great dancers. It improves technique, builds strength and enhances performances. When you know your steps you can then concentrate on the delivery and give the routine life.

Once up on stage there are many factors that can come into play . To perform at your best you need to know your routines really well. If you don’t have to think about what comes next you can just enjoy the experience and shine.

Why be a mediocre performer when you can be magnificent. Practising every day can be the difference. You don’t have to practise for hours but a little each day will see you develop into an accomplished dancer.

Here is a challenge. The concert is coming up very quickly so why don’t you practise each routine three times a day and see just how different you feel.

Give it a go! There is nothing to lose but so much to gain!
Until next time practise, practise, practise…

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