Month: November 2015

A Big Cheerio to our Little Stars!

Welcome folks!

I want to wish all our Little Stars a very big cheerio and chookers for their concert on Saturday. Yes, our Preschool concert is finally here. Our budding stars of the future are about to entertain their families at our annual performance at Destiny Centre.

This is a huge day for them all! Some have never been on stage and others are breaking out of their shell and leaping hurdles to dance in front of an audience. The age range is from almost 2 to 5 years of age. Their skill levels vary greatly but they all love to dance.

Three cheers Little Stars and shine, shine, shine!!!

St Andrews Fete was a huge success. A big thankyou and congratulations to all our performers. You represented the studio with style. Thanks to everyone for your support on the day. Check out our facebook page for some videos from the performance.

Our Acrobatics audition was also a huge success. Thanks to everyone who wants to attend acrobatics in 2016. You all did a great job and worked brilliantly together.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Until we meet again……..

A Reflection

I want to begin by sending out hope, strength and best wishes to all the victims of war. The pain and horror that last Fridays attacks caused was immense. All the different stories and notes of support were heart lifting. People from many places united in solidarity. Then, the reminder that these and other types of horrific events are happening somewhere in the world every day, brought home the stark reality of just how lucky and blessed we are to be here, now.

As Christmas approaches like a speeding train full of Peace, Joy and Harmony, I wish and hope that for all the victims and their families get to share in some of the magic and fun that Christmas brings to my home. I wish them a safe and happy time where there is only peace and harmony.

I can’t begin to imagine the pain and suffering that they are feeling but hope that there is some light and love for them too. I hope their children get to laugh and enjoy some of the excitement that the festive season bring for me and my family.

Imagine by John Lennon and The Beatles keeps looping in my mind and I thought I would share some of the lyrics with you. To see the entire song or listen just search the internet.


Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people living life in peace

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope some day you’ll join us

And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people sharing all the world


Nothing much has changed since this amazing song was recorded in 1971. The difference is that through the internet and social media we can witness and hear about the horrors in other parts of the world almost instantly. Sometimes we can ignore it and other times we can’t.


Please take a moment to think about all the families that have been crippled by war or hunger or greed. May they get some Peace and Joy and Harmony too!


Thanks for reading. Until next time…


It’s the crazy season!

Hi everybody,

Well as Christmas approaches life is certainly speeding up with so many activities and fun to be had.

We still have lots of activities going on here at the studio.

Competition Teams Auditions

We had our competition auditions last Saturday. Well done to everyone who attended. It’s great to see so many students wanting to extend their dancing and join our teams. If you are interested but forgot to attend don’t hesitate to contact the ASAP and we will see what we can do. Competitions are great fun and really help dancers develop their skills and performance abilities.


Acro Level Auditions 21st November 3 – 5pm

Saturday 21st November we have our Acro auditions. This is open to everyone 8 years and over. The class is to determine levels so Louise can set up Acro classes for next year. If you loved what the Acro team did this year at the concert, come along. If you want to learn some awesome tricks, come along. It’s open to all and will be great fun. Just contact the office so we can book you in.


St Andrews Fete 21st November 12 – 12.30pm

We are excited to announce that some of our classes are performing at St Andrews Fete on Saturday 21st November. They are performing on the stage from 12-12.30pm. Come along and support the studio at this fun day.


Preschool Bop ‘til You Drop 28th November

Our Preschoolers have their concert on Saturday 28th November. We wish them all the best for a magical time. This concert is a beautiful, nurturing environment for our youngest students. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to shine on stage and get their first taste of performing in a gentle and safe environment. It’s a beautiful day full of proud parents and beaming children. Have a great time kids!


Christmas Walk and Market 5th December

We are excited to be performing at the Christmas Walk and Market for Bowel Cancer on 5th December at Kelly Park. A wonderful cause that could really do with lots of support. If you’re free join in the walk and then come and watch our classes that will be performing from 11-11.30am. Add in some Christmas magic and join the fun!


Competition Time

We are nearly at 1000 likes on our facebook page. With our summer workshop coming up early next year if

you share our page and we receive a new enrolment referred by you from facebook. You child and their friend

will go in the draw to win a free pass to the summer workshop! Competition closes Saturday 12th December.


As always it will be parent watching week the last week of term from 7th – 12 December.

Christmas is only around the corner so don’t forget to dress up and enjoy the fun. Ho Ho Ho!

Don’t forget to complete our survey. The perfect way to let us know your thoughts on all aspects of Stepnout Performing Arts.

Only six weeks to Christmas! Have your started your shopping yet??
Until next time Ho Ho Ho!!!

November Student of the Month


Alyssa Suhanek


Alyssa is a beautiful little girl to teach. She attends every class with a big infectious smile. Alyssa’s lovely vibrant personality makes teaching her every week such a joy. She is always lovely to her classmates and is constantly making new friends. Alyssa is always practicing at home and has become an amazing little dancer this year. I was so thrilled to see her shine at the concert and can’t wait to see her in many years to come. Keep on dancing your little heart out Alyssa!





Zoe Evans


Zoe has been apart of our studio for many years now. We have all had the pleasure of watching Zoe grow into a wonderful little dancer. She is always eager to learn and comes into class each week after practicing at home to master her steps. Zoe is always striving to do her best and encourage all her classmates to do the same. I love how Zoe takes on the corrections I give her and this along with her hard working attitude makes her the beautiful dancer she is. We all loved seeing her at the concert again this year, to see how far she has grown yet again. Never stop dancing Zoe!




Matthew McGuire


Matthew is new to our studio this year, and what a treat he has been to teach. Even though he struggled at the start of the year, he has found a process of learning his tap steps that works for him. He is constantly listening, paying attention and mentally taking notes on how he can achieve his steps. The fear of learning something new is no longer present with Matthew, but his love of dance is growing and is very exciting to see in him. We all loved watching him shine at the concert and can’t wait to see what joy dancing will continue to bring him next year.

Trial Classes During Term 4 For 2016


Now that the Senior concert is over it’s time to think about the classes your child wants to attend in 2016. We are able to offer the opportunity for all Senior school students to try out different styles with different teachers to find out what they are interested in.

The best way to get a feel for a style is to jump into a class that is already running. Why wait until next year to see what suits best when you could have your dancing timetable completed before we finish 2015.

Here is the link to our 2015 timetable to check out what classes are available.

Term 4 Timetable 2015

All our teachers have different teaching styles and some students prefer one personality over another. Meet the teachers in a class environment and see their magic at work.

A well rounded dancer does at least one technical class such as Ballet, Tap or Jazz as well as other classes like Hip Hop, Musical Theatre or Acro/Cheerleading. The technical foundation will help to strengthen their muscles and give them great conformation. Keep this in mind when trialling this term and selecting 2016 classes.

There is no trials available for the Acrobatics class at 6.30pm on Wednesdays as this is a very large class and we can’t and it would be unsafe to have other students trialing. If you are interested in this class an audition has been organised for Saturday 21st November from 3-4pm. Please contact the office to put your name down.

Just remember to only try age appropriate classes. You don’t want to overwhelm and discourage children from trialling in an inappropriate environment. Let the teacher know at the beginning of class what you already do and that you are trialling for 2016 classes.

Don’t forget to keep attending your current classes to finish off a great year with your teacher. All classes will be doing new and exciting things in class until the end of the year. Each class will learn a short dance to perform at their last class of the year for families as part of the fun.

Liz will be in the office on Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of the term if you want to discuss options for 2016 with her. Pop in for a chat or phone her on 9741 6930. If you are unable to do this feel free to send her an email to with any questions.

Until next time ….


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