Month: December 2015

The Stepping Out Train is almost at the station!

Here we are again. The Stepping Out train is almost at the station.

Christmas cheer is everywhere. The Silly season is in full swing.

A very big Hooray to our tiny Stepping Out Stars! They were all amazing!

We are all so proud of them for stepping on the stage and dancing. The experience is monumental. Their stage life is now in full swing.

Thanks for the cheers and support throughout the year. Thanks for allowing your babies to shine on stage. A special thanks to the staff and parent helpers. This concert requires gentleness and lots of love backstage to help your children to shine. Some couldn’t wait to step on the stage, others needed some reassurance but in the end they all made it on stage and had a blast!

Well done to our performers at the Christmas walk. Your patience and commitment is truly appreciated.

Don’t forget it’s dress up week. It’s festive, it’s fun. It’s for everyone! Are there any parents willing to join in the dress up fun!

It’s time to rejoice in the great year that has been. It’s time to say goodbye and see you next year.

Packs will be available for collection this week in class. Photos and concert fun can be shared all summer long.

The timetable for another fine year is here. Don’t forget to book your spot on the the Stepping Out Train for Twenty Sixteen and join in the fun!

There will be a workshop in Jan with props just for fun. Come along, see you there, don’t be square!

Thanks for the year. Thanks for being part of the Stepping Out crew. We hope that next year you’ll come along too!

Merry Christmas to all. Be safe and enjoy and summer of peace and joy everywhere xx


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