Month: February 2016

Our Children Becoming Independent Dancers

Joining our dance studio may be the first activity your child is about to attend. Take a deep breath and jump in, head first. There is so much fun to be had.

A new environment and lots of new faces can be frightening for any child until your they feel

comfortable in the class. Some children take a few classes to warm up to our studio space, their teacher and classmates. Don’t be concerned if your child is watching and only participating a little in class. Every child is different and bops along at their own pace. I bet they are showing you at home everything that they learnt in class that day. They may even be teaching you the moves.

Even though your child may be very shy and feels safer with you in the room there are other children in class who are very shy when parents are present. Children don’t understand why some parents are in the room but their parents aren’t. We live in a world where young children understand fairness and are very quick to point this out to their teachers and parents. It is best for all parents to wait outside the room while classes are on.

Children gain confidence as they learn the dance steps in a class environment. They shine when they realise that they can master moves and be independent. Their creativity will soar. Before you know it they will be performing concerts for you every night……if you’re lucky. Their imaginations will run wild and they will proudly share their love of dance with you. Enjoy the show!

Don’t worry, we have cameras in both studios so you can always keep tabs on your child’s progress. We also have parent watching week the last class of each term where we dazzle you all with our amazing twists and twirls.

Our staff are here to nurture your children. They are precious in our eyes. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to be part of their world and share in the wonderment that is their lives.

Welcome to our family. Come and enjoy the ride.


The Joys of Stretching and The Pain That Follows

Here we are, back at classes. You’re feeling happy to be active again.

Sure you’re a little tired after a summer of fun and relaxation but you know that it won’t be long before your fitness levels are soaring.

You thought about stretching all summer long but……………. it didn’t quite happen.

The reality now is pain. Very sore muscles and pain.

Every year at this time you reflect on why you didn’t stretch over the holidays and you’re probably thinking that next summer will be different.

The race is on to get that flexibility back to where it was last year.

Yes, you want to get past this pain and quickly. Yes, you want to be down in split again, right now. Yes, you want your kicks and jetes to be great.


Here is where you need to stop and think.

Don’t risk a crazy injury by being impatient. Steady is the way to go.

A commitment to the process is what we need. Just as importantly is the ongoing commitment to maintain and improve throughout the year.


Set yourself a routine. Aim to stretch daily but at the very least every second day. If you have the opportunity at some down time in front of the television, do some stretching. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have a distraction. Make sure your positions are always correct to begin and then slowly work at extending yourself.

Set goals with time frames but don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t quite make it. Goals are their to push us. Time frames keep us on our toes but remember, it’s not a competition. Stay positive and be realistic. Listen to your body. Know your limits.

Not sure what stretches to do. Ask your teacher for some exercises that will work for you.

The results are always very rewarding. Even a dancer who seems very inflexible can turn that around with a steady commitment to the process.

Splits in every position, beautiful jetes, amazing kicks and control…. the benefits are astounding.


Come on and join in the fun.  

Looking the Part. I am a dancer!

The importance of looking like a dancer and belonging to our studio.

]You now have your child into a dance class. They seem happy with the dance style, the teacher and the the surroundings.

It’s now time to get shoes and uniform organised. Every dancer should look the part and be part of the community. Our uniform gives all our students and identity and sense of belonging both in class and in public. Studio pride helps our students strive to be the best dancer they can be.

Uniforms encourage discipline. Dancing is enjoyable but discipline is required to ensure everyone in class receives a high standard of teaching. Uniforms are a reminder that there are rules to follow and respect.

Wearing a uniform helps the students switch on during class by association. It prevents students looking sloppy and untidy. A tidy outfit translates to a focused dancer.

Here at Stepnout Performing Arts, we value our uniform in all it’s variations and see it as an important part of belonging to our family.

The fabric is lightweight, breathable and stretchy, providing our dancers with comfort and freedom of movement. Our uniform is affordable to ensure all students can look the part.

Parents we do ask that you assist us here. There are many reasons why a uniform is beneficial and we would really appreciate it if you make sure your child has their uniform on when coming to class. Help your child be proud to belong to Stepnout Performing Arts.

We have the burgundy t-shirt, burgundy leotard, burgundy skirt, black t-shirt for older students, burgundy crossovers and the Black Hoodie for winter. Leggings, dance pants and shorts are all black. There is no variation on colour here.

A dance bag is essential for keeping all your dance gear together. It can add some fun to the dance experience. Dancers love to show that they dance and there are so many fun ways to do this. The dance bag can have charms, be embroidered with your child’s name etc. The dance bag can be a great present or reward. Kids, you can make your dance bag reflect your personality. Keep it fun and fancy free.

All uniform and shoes can be ordered through the office. Arrive early to sort out your uniform needs or check the office hours and pop in when you’re free.

To find out the appropriate uniform for your child’s class see the uniform page on the website, ask your teacher or the office staff.


Be proud to be part of our Stepnout Performing Arts crew.


Hello Stepping Out. We’re back!

Welcome back everyone!

It’s been a great summer! We hope you are all refreshed, sun kissed and ready for another exciting year of dancing. It’s going to be a blast.

Classes resumed Friday 29th January.

Best wishes to everyone starting back at school. We hope 2016 is a blast. A special thought goes out to all our Kinder kids, Preppies and Year 7 students and your families. Have a great start to 2016. We hope you all thrive in your new environment.

Meet our Administration Manager:

Angela Keddie

“I am thrilled to be part of a dynamic, passionate and friendly team who continually strive to provide a fun, safe, nurturing and continual learning environment for all the students”

Ange is our go to person in 2016. Any questions or concerns, contact Ange. Got an invoice query, Ange is the one. Ange is in the office from Monday to Friday so pop by the office and say hi.


Our Musical Theatre and Private Singing Teacher is Alex Frank.

“Being a singing teacher is more than teaching my students how to sing; it is being a mentor, a friend, someone who they can talk and relate to. Every teacher plays a vital part to each students life and I want to be the teacher that my students remember as the one who inspired them. My favourite part about being a teacher is seeing these students grow and improve, not only vocally but into such wonderful human beings.”


Our Friday night Ballet and Senior Contemporary teacher is Jocelyn Yee.

“A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life”

Welcome back the following Teachers: Liz, Chloe, Lou, Emily, Louise, Shane and Michelle.

Welcome back our office staff Jess and Chrissy.

Don’t forget to check out all our teachers bios on the Website.

Enjoy your classes and teachers in 2016. Work hard and have lots of fun along the way.

If you have any blog ideas just email the office and I will see what I can do.

Ready. Set. Go. Go. Go. It’s  dancing time again!


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