Monthly Archive: February 2016

Our Children Becoming Independent Dancers

February 26, 2016Joining our dance studio may be the first activity your child is about to attend. Take a deep breath and jump in, head first. There is so much fun to be had. A new environment and lots of new faces can be frightening for any child until your they feel comfortable in the class. Some...
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The Joys of Stretching and The Pain That Follows

February 19, 2016Here we are, back at classes. You’re feeling happy to be active again. Sure you’re a little tired after a summer of fun and relaxation but you know that it won’t be long before your fitness levels are soaring. You thought about stretching all summer long but……………. it didn’t quite happen. The reality now is...
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Looking the Part. I am a dancer!

February 13, 2016The importance of looking like a dancer and belonging to our studio. ]You now have your child into a dance class. They seem happy with the dance style, the teacher and the the surroundings. It’s now time to get shoes and uniform organised. Every dancer should look the part and be part of the community....
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Hello Stepping Out. We’re back!

February 6, 2016Welcome back everyone! It’s been a great summer! We hope you are all refreshed, sun kissed and ready for another exciting year of dancing. It’s going to be a blast. Classes resumed Friday 29th January. Best wishes to everyone starting back at school. We hope 2016 is a blast. A special thought goes out to...
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