Month: March 2016

Happy Easter!

To all our Stepnout Performing Arts Family,

Liz and the staff would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter break and Term Holidays.

For those travelling, we hope that you stay safe throughout your travels.

For those spending time with extended family, we hope that there is much laughter and happiness together.

For everyone else, we hope that you have a happy and restful time.

Don’t eat too many Easter Eggs at once but always remember that Chocolate is a great addition to any meal.

Have fun and see you all next term.

Dancing Builds Resilience

Let me begin by congratulating the preschoolers, Under 10, Under 12 & Under 17s comp team members that performed at Harpley Launch Event on Saturday. They were a credit to their families and the studio with their performances and the way they presented themselves at the event.

I just found the most wonderful quote from Darwin online to share with you all:

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most resilient and responsive to change

This quote sums up dancing perfectly. Dancers need to be able to adjust to every environment. It may at first seem impossible to perform a routine but take a deep breath and start focusing on the environment at hand. The floor needs great consideration to ensure that every dancer is safe and not at risk of injury. Larger stages are usually quite simple to navigate but smaller stages need consideration for safety and to maintain a quality performance.

So much to have to think about as well as giving a great performance. I’m sure you can see how a dancer’s anxiety levels could sky rocket at this point with so many considerations, just to get up on stage. The key is not to be afraid of anxiety but use your heightened awareness to navigate through the situation. The beauty here is that there is no turning back. The performance must go on so the dancer must use their skills to bolster their self confidence and overcome the anxiety.

Resilience is learned skill and takes lots of practice. It is definitely a recurring skill to be mastered in many different situations throughout a lifetime. Dancing embraces resilience and provides the opportunity to master anxiety from a very young age. We all love to dance and we are strengthened by the situations and possibilities that arise for us.

Harpley offered a perfect example for our students – the stage was tiny and seemingly impossible to dance on………After the anxiety was calmed to a manageable level the students that performed rose to the task and proved just how resilient they are. We are so proud of you all for your fine performance on the day.

Finally another great Resilience quote by Doe Zantamata www.the

No one ever got to the top of the mountain in one giant jump.

Challenges can be overcome, and goals can be reached, but it can only happen one step at a time.


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