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It’s exam preparation time again. I thought I would write a little about the benefits of exams for parents that are still undecided about whether their children should sit an exam.

Firstly, all our Fairies/Elves and Jitterbugs classes,all our Ballet classes and most of our Jazz and Tap classes will be partaking in exams in 2016. If your child is in any of these classes and you’re unsure as to whether they are ready to sit the exam contact the office and they will check with your teacher.

For preschoolers the syllabus is aimed at fun,creativity and developing musicality in dance. The children are encouraged to use their imagination. It helps develop motor skills, listening and socialisation within a fun framework. These exams are performed in a class environment with up to 10 students in the room with the teacher taking the class. They are assessed on participation and involvement. They all receive a medal and positive feedback on their certificate.

Test 1 to Bronze Star exams have up to 8 students in the room at once. Silver Medal to Gold Bar have up 6 students in a room at once.

Test 1 and 2 levels have the teacher in the room and assisting with steps only. Test 3 level and above do not have a teacher assisting. There is someone playing the music behind a screen without interacting with the students. Test 1, 2 and 3 levels receive a Pass or Participation. Grading occurs for all other levels.

Exams help build self esteem and give students a sense of achievement. The confidence gained is a lifelong skill that will assist at school and later in the workforce. Exams give students a goal to work towards and they have the opportunity to be independently assessed. Students gain great satisfaction on completing exams and the feedback is instrumental in helping them become well rounded performers.

All students that participate in exams from Test 1 to Gold Bar receive a medal and written report with positive and technical comments to assist with ongoing training.

Exams a great for all dancers.

Don’t forget to get your form and paperwork in by Saturday 21st May.


Exam Entry 2016

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