Staff Development Day

May 7, 2016


Today’s blog is about our Staff Development Day that we attended on Sunday 10th April. It was a chance for Teachers and Administration staff to get to know each other. In our industry staff only encounter those that are present on the same day as them so it was great to have a meet and greet as part of the day. We all come together for exams, rehearsals and concerts so it’s really important that teachers know each other well, helping all our events to run smoothly and with ease. We are an interesting bunch, to say the least.


The focus for the day was for us to help develop the Studio’s Core Values and Mission.


We brainstormed and came up with a number of values that will be available soon.

An example of what we came up with is:

  • Enrich the community
  • Confidence
  • Family – creating everlasting relationships
  • Inspiration – not just in dance (life lessons, respect, attitude & behaviour)
  • Teaching people to have goals


Stepnout Performing Arts Mission brainstorming lead to the following points

  • To provide quality dance and performing arts classes for the community to enhance personal development and confidence
  • To be apart of something bigger
  • Dance is the universal language
  • To make people smile using nothing else but themselves
  • Negative words have negative effects


Just a taste of what we came up with on the day.


We also chatted about Class plans for the term to help staff and students stay on track with expectations.


We have many classes preparing for exams this term which is exciting as it certainly helps improve technique, discipline and respect. All qualities that contribute to forming a well rounded dancer and child in general.


We discussed our new venue for the Senior Concert this year and all teachers are looking forward to the challenge ahead. There are several classes joining for concert routines which should translate to shorter and more dynamic concerts. It will be very exciting watching the routines unfold. Some classes have also begun concert routines so the studio has definitely shifted into gear with lots on.


We have all received some great material to help us teach to the best of our ability. Your children are the reason we are here and we love what we do. We are here to nurture them and help them to become the best person that they can be.


Until next time ……..

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