Month: October 2016

Our Concerts Are Fast Approaching

Our concerts are fast approaching. We have already spent many hours finalising items and shows. It’s a wonder Liz is still sane after organising the 2 Senior Shows,  after that the Preschool concert seemed a breeze. Fortunately she has recovered and is ready for the excitement to come.

Costumes are all done.Hooray!!

A big thankyou to all the mums that helped out with sequinning and adjustments. An extra big thankyou goes to Kathy Moiler, Simone Lockwood, Leanne Thompson and Ngaire Steel who were our go to mums throughout Term 3. Thanks to Trudy Roether for another year of awesome costumes. Just wait until you see how fantastic our students look.

Please attend every class from now until the concerts, regardless. We really appreciate students watching that are unwell. The exceptions are gastro victims or those that are bedridden on their class day. Even watching helps students remember their routines.  

Now to homework…….. Please read the last blog that was posted on 11 October .To recap, we need our Stepnout parents to assist your children by putting their routines on the computer. You have been emailed the links. We work really hard to make sure your children learn great routines but it’s up to them to practice at home. There were many students that didn’t remember their routines after the holidays which was frustrating for us all. We don’t want to spend the remaining weeks just going over concert routines, we want them to learn and master new skills and keep the class fun and engaging. Dancing is an activity that requires the students to practice. The concert will be a much more enjoyable experience if students know their routines. So please help your children.

Our Concert Rehearsals are just a important as the actual concerts. It is very important for all students to attend these compulsory rehearsals. As parents you may not realise that the rehearsals take place for the benefit of your children. They will run in chronological order as per each show. The benefits for all students vary slightly for the Junior Concert and Senior Concerts. The handbooks state all the reasons but I will just recap for you.

Junior Concert – Please remember rehearsals are for the students to overcome some of the jitters that may hit when the bright lights come on and really prepare them for the show ahead. It is a fun and rewarding experience and a great chance to play with their friends and watch some inspiring dancers as they wait for their turn in the spotlight.

Senior Concerts – These are our technical rehearsals and give the stars of our shows a chance to get up and rehearse on the big stage – a very different environment than they are used to within the studio walls. They can overcome some of the jitters that may hit when the bright lights come on and really prepare themselves for the show ahead. It is a fun and rewarding experience and a great chance to play with their friends and watch some inspiring dancers as they wait for their turn in the spotlight.

Then it’s show time. There is so much to remember on the day. Arrival times, makeup, hairstyles, uniform, shoes, food, water. The list is very long and can be completely daunting. I will resend the important parts closer to the concert dates but I would suggest you refer back to your concert recital handbooks and reread the document.

Send the kids outside to jump muddy puddles while you sit back with a coffee, tea or glass of ……..  read your Concert Handbook. Skip the photo day section but take the time to really understand everything else.

Happy reading!!

September Student of the Month





Emma is a little star. She started in our Delightful Tots class in Term 3 and was a leader from the very first class. Emma is fearless and loves to dance. She follows everything with so much enthusiasm and is a super listener too. Keep up the great work gorgeous girl. I can’t wait to see you up on stage.





image002Senara is a very intelligent young dancer, always polite, excellent listener and always has a lovely smile. She dances with pure joy radiating from her. Senara has moved from her pre-primary ballet class into the next level class and is excelling in her knowledge and adjusting very well to her new classmates.










Erica is one of our quiet achievers. She continues to work hard every lesson and take on all feedback directed to her. Erica is always attentive and persistent to correct herself. Her flexibility has increased exceptionally – you can tell she’s been working hard outside the studio also! Erica is a pleasure to teach and always leaves class thanking her teachers. Well Done Erica!



Practice Makes For A Happy Dance


Here we are, it’s holiday time again. Wow! Where did that term go?

But first, thanks to everyone for a very successful photo week. All students were well behaved. Don’t forget photo discs will be handed out the last week of Term 4.

Now to the important stuff. We only have 8 weeks of classes before our Senior School concerts on Sunday 27 November, which includes all classes from Jitterbugs up to Adults tap class.

We only have 9 weeks of classes before our Preschool concert on Saturday 3 December which includes Delightful Tots, Kinder and Fairies/Elves classes.

In scheme of things and reflecting on just how fast this year is moving we don’t have a lot of time left for our students to remember and perfect their dances before each concert. You should all have received an email with links to most class dances. This is an unlisted link on Youtube. Please don’t distribute this outside the studio as we have some custody issues at the studio.

Our intention for filming the dances is so that all the students practice their dances over the holidays and every week from now until the concerts. Lots of classes had exams last term so many concert dances weren’t started until during Term 3. Most are now finished and just require some tweaking in Term 4. The only way the tweaking can take place is if the students know their dances when they return from the break. It’s very hard to perfect a dance that you don’t know!

This is where you, our fabulous parents, step in. We can only do so much in class time and ideally would now like to spend the time perfecting dances and also starting the next level in exam classes and learning new combinations or tricks in non technical classes.

The only way we can plan our classes this way is if our students know their dances. The only way they will know their dances is through practice. You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you ….

The only way they will practice is if you remind them and with the younger students if you put the videos on for them to watch and copy. That’s it!

We are all really great at reminding our kids of all the things that they need to do “every day”. Just add ”practice your dances” to that lovely list.

Why do this??    It’s quite simple.

The obvious answer is that through repetition most students will start to remember their dances.

Secondly, a confident dancer on stage knows their dances really well. They can then concentrate on performing and enjoying the whole experience. Not knowing dances can heightens anxiety about performing for some students.

Thirdly, the more prepared our students are, the happier they are. They will shine on stage, engage the audience and just have fun!

This is your homework parents…………Just remind them to practice and they will really enjoy Term 4. They will excel in class and be absolutely amazing on stage.
Thanks for reading.

We Now Host Dancing Parties!!

Exciting news at Stepnout Performing Arts. We now host dancing parties! Whether you would like the stress free option of inviting everyone to our dance studio or we can come to you for dance party entertainment.

Have a read of our dance party information and book your next party today!

Birthday Parties Pack

  1. A huge range of performance classes
  2. Expert and experienced teachers
  3. Affordable flexible classes
  • (03) 9741 6930
  • Factory 10, 61-65 Russell Street, Werribee, Melbourne, Victoria

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