Weerama – Oh What a Day!

Wow! What a great day we had at Weerama. The sun was beautiful and warm (okay maybe it was a little hot on the asphalt). There were blue skies as far as the eye could see. The most pleasing part was the sea of burgundy and black Stepnout families that came to be part of the fun! The kids were all amazing and had a ball. We were so proud of everyone, from our Delightful Tots to our Seniors. You all represented the studio beautifully.


Thanks to the parents, grandparents and relatives who walked with us and also those that watched the parade and cheered us on. Your support is what makes Stepnout the great family that we are. It’s so much fun waving to the crowd but it’s ‘soooo very exciting’ when you have people in the crowd cheering you on. I love spotting people I know and saying hi as we pass by.


Thanks to our Cheer students that came to be part of the march. You did a marvellous job at the back. Thanks for working hard in class to master the chant. It was great to have some of our older students jump in and help. Great teamwork!


Our Comp teams did a marvellous job! It was wonderful to see you leading the way down the street. Your hard work in class is really paying off. You showed you versatility both in the parade and at the performance afterwards. I was beaming with pride and had a tear in my eye watching you all dance with gusto and style while you were faced with some technical difficulties. Hold your heads up high! Resilience and self belief and amazing qualities and you had them both. I can’t wait to see how far you all grow this year!


It was a marvellous day. Check out the photos and videos that show just how great we looked. Thanks again to all those in attendance. There were around 120 students marching this year. The challenge for 2018 is that we double our numbers (at least).


I can’t wait to see even more of our Stepnout family marching with pride in 2018!

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