You Are Not Good Enough

Here is a must read article. Every now and then we all come across something that really connects with us. Sometimes it’s a light bulb moment. Sometimes it’s the recognition of how things really are. Regardless of the emotions it stirs, it offers us a possibility to enhance our lives.

This amazing article “ You Are Not Good Enough” by Alisha Jane Coon is spot on. Thanks Alisha for sharing your story and reminding everyone that we can be free of our inner critic.

I’m not sure if it’s a trait that relates to culture, religion, gender, socioeconomic status or something else. I know that many people are affected by their mindset and their inability to truly love and cherish themselves. Our mind is our most powerful tool. The trick is turning all that chatter towards positive affirmations, overriding the negative chatter that can be so crippling.

Alisha Jane was a Professional Ballerina but change the occupation, lose the gender and I do believe people from all walks of life can relate. If only we could teach the youth of today true awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Show them how to take control of their inner critic. Teach them to be their own best friend. Just imagine how things could change. If only we, the parents and grandparents of today, could the same.

Have a read. Save the article. Share it with everyone. Just imagine how different life could be!

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Written by Alisha Jane Coon

Photo Justin Ridler

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