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When did you start dancing?

I didn’t start dancing still I was around 7 yrs old. Mum took me to help me walk straight

What’s your favourite part of teaching?

Watching the children grow each week

If you weren’t teaching dance, what would you do?

PE or music teacher & then a landscape gardener

What is your life outside of Stepnout?

Normal to me, having an adult family in and out of the house trying to keep up with everything

What’s your favourite dance step?

Turns, anything to do with a turn is awesome once perfected

What advice would you give your younger self?

Trust and believe in yourself

What’s your next holiday destination?

Would like to ride my motorbike around Australia, yes I know, not really a holiday as such but what an adventure

Who is your favourite performer?

Anyone who has the confidence to get on a stage and perform is amazing to me

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Wow 10 years seems so far away but I do know how quick lives moves.  Still running a performing arts studio but also looking after my grandchildren

What is your greatest strength?

Patience and understanding

What are your goals for the future?

I have so many goals that never stop. I like to keep them close to me and don’t put too much pressure on myself as I am a bit of an over achiever

If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

Have more faith in myself to give things a go

How would your friends describe you?

Always busy and working too hard. But if needed I would be there for them.




The Effects of Dance Classes Schools Don’t Tell You

The Effects of Dance Classes Schools Don’t Tell You

As parents we sometimes wonder about the outlays we make towards our children’s activities and the benefits that they receive. Life always challenges us with the expenses of living, school fees, holidays (if we’re lucky!) and the extra curricular activities that we strive to give our children.


As with everything else, we like to think that we are getting value for our hard earned money. The activities are also very time consuming and as parents we sacrifice our time and at times comfort to sit and wait while our children participate.


In the case of dancing classes the more appropriate word would be the benefits for our children. At Stepnout Performing Arts we have a great variety of dance styles to choose from. Every class participates in one of our Annual Concerts: Preschoolers or Senior School and there is the possibility of other minor performances at school fetes and local events. We offer exams in most of the dance styles that are taught at the studio and workshop opportunities during the school holidays. We have Performance Teams that represent the studio at varying events including competitions.


Like any other activity dancing has costs and the more classes your child does the more time you will be actively waiting. With young children you may be at the studio and a taxi service for the older children. Stepnout Performing Arts strives to keep costs as low as we can but they are nevertheless there.


So back to the benefits of dancing. There are so many benefits to dancing and Stepnout Performing Arts take great pride in ensuring all our students  have the possibility of realising them.

Here are just a few to think about.

Discipline – we strive to have discipline and structure in all our classes. Naturally the level increases with age, class style and understanding.

Teamwork – Dancing is a team sport and students in the same class are a team. Classes work best when students support and care for each other.

Hard work – we teach our students that hard work is what will enhance their ability to dance. Dancing requires lots of practice at home as well as at the studio. Combinations, exercises and routines are mastered in the lounge room. A great work ethic is developed through hard work.

Goal setting – as part of hard work, this helps our students master exercises and routines. In the older classes students have the opportunity to decide their own goals. Our younger classes achieve goals as a team.

Dancing teaches creativity, commitment, self confidence and responsibility.


I have a great article for you to read. It talks about ballet but applies to all styles of dance. Sit back, relax with a cuppa and enjoy.

Until next time….

Article sourced from: Linked In

Article written by: Victoria Mironova (Evdokimova)


When did you start dancing?
I started dancing at the age of 3.

What’s your favourite part of teaching?
My favourite part of teaching is seeing my kids walk out of the room each week feeling as though they have accomplished something new.

If you weren’t teaching dance, what would you do?                                                               

I would be travelling the world to pursue my career and take class overseas and find inspiration from many cultures.

What is your life outside of Step N Out?
My life outside of Step N Out is full of nothing but dance. From teaching, corporate events, performing and many more things.

What is your favourite dance step?
I don’t have one favourite dance step, though I love hip – hop and the culture and movement behind it.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Advice I would give to my younger self would be to never give up, and always believe in yourself. If you put your mind to it and work extremely hard with a positive attitude, you will achieve anything life has to offer.

What’s your next holiday destination?
My next holiday destination will be to Bali, purely for a holiday, then to LA next year, to re-inspire myself as a performer and an artist.

Who is your favourite performer?
I have many favourite performers, though my two all time favourites are Jade Chynoweth and Janelle Ginestra. The reason being is that these two women are insanely talented. They are versatile in every genre, they have extreme confidence, and they are hard working to achieve their life goals. This for me is so inspiring.

What was the last show you saw?
The last show I saw was The House Of Dancing Water in Macau, China.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In ten years, I see myself settling down from travelling the world and pursuing my dance career, and teaching kids as a full time job.

Stepnout Performing Arts Holiday Fun in the Werribee Region

Stepnout Performing Arts have had a busy time during the Autumn school holidays. It’s hard to believe that the studio has been involved in so many things since the end of term 1.

The term ended with 2 discos. Our preschoolers had a ball at their disco and all looked amazing. They danced, played games and laughed with their friends. It’s great to see the bonds that are already forming at such a young age. Then it was time for our school aged students to strut their stuff. It’s great to see students come along and enjoy the fun, play games and laugh with each other. These activities are great bonding times where students are able to let their hair down. Dancing friendships are an important part of growing up and have the potential to last a lifetime. Thanks to the teachers who helped make the discos the fun events that they were. What a great way to end a fantastic term of dancing!

Our Autumn workshop was a huge success. The kids and teachers had a ball. There were many different dance styles to explore and new skills were mastered in a jam-packed day of activities. Our preschoolers had a fun filled couple of hours of dance, colouring in and gym fun. They could have danced all day they were so excited to be there. Our school aged children tried out different dance styles, played games and did some awesome colouring in during brief breaks. They all had smiles from ear to ear and bonded beautifully with each other and Simone and Jocelyn. I can’t wait to see what the next Workshop has in store!

Next up we had some Wizard of Oz fun. Around 50 of our students between 4 – 12 were part of the touring ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Interactive Show at Encore Events Centre Saturday 8 April. After a couple of rehearsals at the end of term and lots of practicing at home, they all performed wonderfully in the show. It was a great opportunity to perform in a different setting as part of a production. They all handled the situation with ease and had a fantastic time. The younger students were fully involved in the show. They danced and sang and interacted with the cast with lots of enthusiasm. The older students took on the leadership roles joined in the fun. It was a great day and an experience that the children will always remember.

Throughout the holidays our Performance Teams have been very busy partaking in competitions throughout the region. They have done an outstanding job and represented the studio with great enthusiasm. They are very supportive of each other and really enjoy performing together. Thanks to their hard work, they have really come along way since their first workshop at the beginning of the year. Great work girls and Chloe. We can’t wait to see where you end up this year!

We have several students in competitions in solos and duos. They have all worked really hard throughout Term 1 to perfect their dances and have performed really well at competitions so far this year. They have had varying levels of success so far but have all performed beautifully. Best wishes for the remainder of the Competition season.

A big congratulation to all the students that have taken part in these different events. You have all done an amazing job. We are so proud of the way you have represented the studio and your families. Keep up the great work!

Just a bit of the holiday fun that Stepnout Performing Arts students have been part of in Werribee and the surrounds.



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