The Effects of Dance Classes Schools Don’t Tell You

The Effects of Dance Classes Schools Don’t Tell You

As parents we sometimes wonder about the outlays we make towards our children’s activities and the benefits that they receive. Life always challenges us with the expenses of living, school fees, holidays (if we’re lucky!) and the extra curricular activities that we strive to give our children.


As with everything else, we like to think that we are getting value for our hard earned money. The activities are also very time consuming and as parents we sacrifice our time and at times comfort to sit and wait while our children participate.


In the case of dancing classes the more appropriate word would be the benefits for our children. At Stepnout Performing Arts we have a great variety of dance styles to choose from. Every class participates in one of our Annual Concerts: Preschoolers or Senior School and there is the possibility of other minor performances at school fetes and local events. We offer exams in most of the dance styles that are taught at the studio and workshop opportunities during the school holidays. We have Performance Teams that represent the studio at varying events including competitions.


Like any other activity dancing has costs and the more classes your child does the more time you will be actively waiting. With young children you may be at the studio and a taxi service for the older children. Stepnout Performing Arts strives to keep costs as low as we can but they are nevertheless there.


So back to the benefits of dancing. There are so many benefits to dancing and Stepnout Performing Arts take great pride in ensuring all our students  have the possibility of realising them.

Here are just a few to think about.

Discipline – we strive to have discipline and structure in all our classes. Naturally the level increases with age, class style and understanding.

Teamwork – Dancing is a team sport and students in the same class are a team. Classes work best when students support and care for each other.

Hard work – we teach our students that hard work is what will enhance their ability to dance. Dancing requires lots of practice at home as well as at the studio. Combinations, exercises and routines are mastered in the lounge room. A great work ethic is developed through hard work.

Goal setting – as part of hard work, this helps our students master exercises and routines. In the older classes students have the opportunity to decide their own goals. Our younger classes achieve goals as a team.

Dancing teaches creativity, commitment, self confidence and responsibility.


I have a great article for you to read. It talks about ballet but applies to all styles of dance. Sit back, relax with a cuppa and enjoy.

Until next time….

Article sourced from: Linked In

Article written by: Victoria Mironova (Evdokimova)

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