Winter is here!

Winter is here!

Just in case you have been away or living under a rock…..Yes it’s that time of year again. I always like the first time I get to wear my winter coat, jumpers and my cool winter boots. I enjoy sitting in the heated lounge room watching a favourite show.

Enjoyment is now over as the cold weather starts to settle into my bones. I may be exaggerating just a bit but you get my drift. The mornings are freezing and some days the sun does not appear in our wintery sky. I know it could be snowing or we could live somewhere that rarely sees the sun but this is my version of reality. I am a summer girl who prefers not to look like a Michelin man everytime I leave the house.

The reason for this blog is to remind everyone to rug up. Parents, the waiting area is quite cold throughout the winter months. You may need to adopt the Michelin man fashion while waiting for your children. Don’t forget your coats, scarves, gloves, – sitting around can be very ‘cooling‘ to say the least.

During the cooler months it is most important that children rug up for drop offs and pickups. For those who live close, your car may not even warm up before you arrive. Others may need to put coats on to exit the car with the sudden drop in temperature. After class is the trickiest. As the students are warm from dancing they may not want to rug up but to assist their muscles and joints in the correct cooling down process they do need to exit the studio rugged up. Not to mention the colds that they are encouraging by not being appropriately dressed.

The students will warm up during class but will definitely need extra layering to start. Please remember that they must all be in uniform. We have burgundy crossovers for the girls who wear leotards and studio hoodies available from Size 6 up. If your child is wearing a long sleeve top please ensure that it is fitted so that it doesn’t impact on dancing. No oversize jumpers are allowed as teachers need to always see their body shape. We have leg warmers and tights available at the office. Black dance pants, black leggins, can be worn to class. Hip Hop classes and boys only can wear black tracksuit pants. Please keep this in mind as you dress your child for classes. Please remember that All students are to wear the Stepnout Uniform.

Keep warm and enjoy the brisk days ahead. I am counting down the days until the studio is warm and I’m wearing my t-shirts again. Summer…..come on down!

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