Things To Thank Stepnout Performing Arts For – Part 1

September 8, 2017

Dancing is a wonderful foundation for life. There are so many things that you learn in class and performing that are invaluable for the remainder of your school days and the rest of your life. Big statement – you betcha!

I have divided this blog into 2 parts. I know how busy you are and your time to sit, relax and read my blogs is limited. Here are a few things to thank Stepnout for.

Discipline – all those warm up and strengthening exercises are mind boggling. It doesn’t matter what dance style, every teacher has different ways of making you feel the pain. They always remind you, with a smile, the benefits of all the suffering. You find out quickly that if you put in the results are endless. You learn to respect your teachers and fellow students. We are a team and everyone is important in the team. A routine falls apart if there is conflict among its members.

Constructive Criticism – Such an important life skill. Once you’re out there in the big, wide world you need to be able to take criticism on board and use it to drive you. You’ve learnt not to take it personally, make the required corrections and keep going. Life is full of challenges and there is always room for improvement, just be ready when the advice comes.

Learning to lose graciously – Competitions are marvellous. They are character building, confidence building and offer many more opportunities to perform. You have learnt through the years that you may not receive a place but you just love being up on the stage, performing. There are always so many factors involved at comps – the strength and amount of competitors, the adjudicators’ taste and your own performance on the day. Being a great loser that doesn’t moan or be nasty to others is an endearing quality. Enjoy the experience and challenge yourself. Don’t rely on others to feel good.  

Being a fast learner – learning to remember routines is a skill all to itself. Learning to remember lots of routines and master them is challenging but so rewarding in the end. You’ve learnt and re-learnt routines as things changed and people pulled out of classes. The one thing you do know is that you need to practice to retain any routine and master it. You can be flexible to any changes and are a quick learner.

Resilience – I have dedicated blogs to this topic alone but this blog would be incomplete without it. I know that some schools are working hard with resilience. It’s the foundation for who we are and how we travel through life. Constructive criticism, being a gracious loser, discipline and being a fast learner is all part of becoming resilient. Striving to be the best person you can be and never becoming complacent will lead you in the right direction.

Don’t forget to tune in for Part 2 in a couple of weeks. Until then…….


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