Monthly Archive: March 2018

To Compete or not Compete….That is the Question?

March 30, 2018Have a read of this blog. It’s entertaining and will challenge you in places but a great read none the less. Don’t stop half way through. All is revealed by the end. Enjoy!

Five nutrition must-knows for dance students!

March 23, 2018Nutrition and dance can seem very difficult to manage. Here is a great blog from to help your child with their eating habits. Enjoy!

School Spirit Award Recipients: Charlotte, Kundanika and Meesha

March 16, 2018School Spirit Award Recipients This award is for students that model our values and the qualities that we strive to instill in all our students. This years recipients have been outstanding in their commitment to the studio and our students. They always offer their assistance to staff at the studio, at rehearsals, performances, photo days...
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Dance moms don’t exist! Let me tell you why?

March 16, 2018I really enjoyed this blog , I hope you do to! Happy reading! Dance moms don’t exist! Let me tell you why?

The Art and Science of the Perfect Plié

March 9, 2018Here is a great blog for all our budding ballerinas. How to master a perfect Plié!  by Eric Franklin and sourced from Happy reading!  

Finishing on success: when it’s important; and why it’s necessary?

March 2, 2018Here is another great blog to enjoy. Happy reading everyone! Finishing on success: When is it important; and why is it necessary?

March Stepnout Students of the Month

March 1, 2018Preschooler Tia-Mai Tia-Mai has grown so much since last year. She is such a delight to have in class. Tia-Mai always smiles and has something special to tell the class. She is so focussed this year and I am so excited to see her growth in class, especially as she is doing Tap, Jazz and...
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