March Stepnout Students of the Month

March 1, 2018



Tia-Mai has grown so much since last year. She is such a delight to have in class. Tia-Mai always smiles and has something special to tell the class. She is so focussed this year and I am so excited to see her growth in class, especially as she is doing Tap, Jazz and Ballet. Well done Tia-Mai! Keep up the amazing work you have shown me so far this year.




I have the pleasure of teaching Remy Tap every week and have been very impressed by what I have seen so far. As a first time tapper, in the first class I started Remy with the basics but it was obvious by her second class that Remy was practicing at home and had already mastered many of the steps from our first class. This pattern has continued every week and Remy is now keeping up with her classmates easily. Her approach in class is exceptional and she is an absolute pleasure to teach. I am so impressed with your attitude, Remy. I can’t wait to see you perform throughout the year. You are a shining star in the making!




2018 is a year of new experiences for Alicia. She has picked up Tap this year and is tapping up a storm. Alicia is always willing to try every step or combination and is up for the challenges that I place on the students every week. I am greeted with a smile every class and look forward to her wonderful approach to class. 2018 is the first time that I have taught Alicia and her attitude and compassion towards others is remarkable for someone of her age. Thanks for always giving Tap a go Alicia. I can’t wait to see you in our annual concert in November. Keep up the great work!

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