April Stepnout Students of the Month

April 1, 2018



Shyra has made a great start to 2018. It is her first year at Stepnout Performing Arts and she is shining bright. As a shy girl, Shyra was a little uneasy when we first met. Throughout Term 1 she has  gained confidence every week and after 7 weeks of dancing is now a confident girl in class. Shyra is a great listener and always follows direction beautifully. You are blossoming every week Shyra and are an absolute pleasure to teach. I am so excited to watch you grow throughout the year. Keep up the great work!




Seoha is just a pleasure! She is always in class, beautifully presented and ready to work hard! Seoha has shown so much improvement already since last year. She has such beautiful posture in class and is showing great promise with her theory. Seoha always tries her best to remember all her work from week to week. Beautiful smile and lovely pointed toes, this is what I see each week! Great Job Seoha!




Tanvi is such a beautiful member of the class. She always wears her uniform with pride! Her presentation every class is spot on! Not only dressed like a dancer, she has a lovely smile for me every single class. Tanvi always tries hard to remember her work and do it to the best of her ability. The quality she brings to her work is lovely to watch and she will keep improving as time goes on. All her hard work is a credit to her. Great Job Tanvi!

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