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How to help your Child Thrive at Dance this Year

This blog has some great tips for you to keep in mind. How can a parent be supportive in a back seat role? It’s a great read and may give you some assistance when the going gets tough. Sit back and have a read!


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How to choreograph a routine

When I saw this blog I knew that I needed to share it. Those students that have entered Stepnout Performing Arts Choreographic Competition and those still considering it will find this most

Unlike the blog our competition has a time limit between 1 minute and 1 minute 30 secs – students going over time will be disqualified. Our students must wear their dance uniform with appropriate shoes and very neat hair – no exception.

There are great tips for constructing a routine so take the time to read and take notes. It will make your choreography so much easier.

How to choreograph a routine

Happy reading!

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Why should I present in uniform with neat and tidy hair to Dance class every week?

Hi to all our Stepnout Families. My blogs are being kept at a minimum this year so that you can enjoy some educational and informative blogs from other teachers and leaders in Dance. I truly hope that you have been enjoying them.

As you can see by my title, this blog needs to written. We completely understand that you are rushed after school and sometimes deal with tired and not so happy children but it is of utmost importance that they present themselves in our Stepnout uniform with correct shoes and very neat hair.

I will give you some reasons why below but incase you are wondering all Ballet, Acro, Cheerleading, Contemporary and Ashley’s Tuesday night Jazz classes should present at class with a bun. Everyone else at the studio should present with a very neat and secure ponytail. If your child’s hair is not long enough then they should present with a style that is completely off their face eg: Half up/Half down.

Regarding uniform, we have many variations throughout the studio but some classes require an exact version of the uniform to be worn. Here is the link to the studio Dress Code for you to read at your leisure, keeping in mind the classes that your child/children attend. All uniforms and shoes can be purchased at the studio. Just come in during Office Hours to organise. We are open 9 – 5pm Monday – Friday and 9 – 3.15 pm Saturdays.

Dress Code at Stepnout Performing Arts

Why is it so important?

  1. Respect and Presentation: Respect for dancing is an obvious one. This is carried forward through life as it becomes second nature to dress appropriately for all occasions; including competitions, exams, school and work. Presentation is how you finish everything off. The correct dress code is a part of this. You look the part, you feel the part. Presentation is the icing on the cake.
  2. Focus and concentrate to become a better dancer: When a student isn’t dressed appropriately they start fidgeting and not concentrating on their teacher. They may miss corrections and certainly hold up the class if the teachers has to help tidy them up. A student that is neat and tidy can perform steps with ease and control. 
  3. Preparing for Performance and Exams: Not every child will take part in exams but they will certainly perform and take part in our annual Concert. Our body remembers through muscle memory. How we learn a step is how we perform it. If students learn to master steps/routine incorrectly due to untidiness then that’s how they will perform it. Untidy hair may result in them flicking or whipping their hair while dancing and this movement will carry forward even when their hair is appropriate at performances. It will not be controlled and will most likely be very messy on stage. Exam work requires perfect presentation for respect, appreciation and performance quality in the room.

I could go on but I think these 3 points cover alot. Please ensure your child/children attend class neatly and in the appropriate uniform and shoes. It can be embarrassing to be pulled up in class but it is a necessary discipline of dance. We will be contacting parents to address this issue so save yourself and us the concern and ensure your child is ready to dance!

Why Exams Are So Beneficial!

Every year at Stepnout Performing Arts we offer exams to our students. Firstly, they allow students to progress appropriately in technique and ability. Technique enables students to keep progressing and mastering more difficult skills all the time. The best way to enhance technique is through participating in exams.

Exams teach our students an extra level of discipline and a great sense of achievement to be able to perform the exam syllabus well. The self esteem booster is a marvellous addition and the confidence this instills in them will assist throughout life at school and at work.

Exams give students a goal to work towards and they have the opportunity to be independently assessed. Students gain great satisfaction on completing exams and the feedback is instrumental in helping them become well rounded performers.

For our Fairies and jitterbugs classes the syllabus is aimed at fun,creativity and developing musicality in dance. The children are encouraged to use their imagination. It helps develop motor skills, listening and socialisation within a fun framework. These exams are performed in a class environment with up to 10 students in the room with the teacher taking the class. They are assessed on participation and involvement. They all receive a medal and positive feedback on their certificate.

All of our school aged students that will be sitting exams this year have up to 8 students in the room at once. Exams are about execution of exercises, combinations and a short dance as much as discipline, performance and respect. They teach students to thrive in an environment and showcase their abilities to another experienced teacher. Exams encourage resilience and also teach students that practice makes everyone a stronger dancer. The examiners are always very kind, caring and encouraging but do expect discipline and respect in the room. Test 1, 2 and 3 levels receive a Pass or Participation. Grading occurs for all other levels. All school aged students that participate in exams receive a medal and written report with positive and technical comments to assist with ongoing training.

If your child’s class is participating in exams this year you will be notified.  If your child is in a class that is participating in exams in 2018 and you’re unsure as to whether they are ready to sit the exam contact the office and they will check with your teacher.

All classes are learning exam syllabus in 2018 but many are looking at learning their level over 2 years. This will ensure their classes are enjoyable and they are able to master the required syllabus with ease and control in a stress free environment.

Stepnout Performing Arts use the ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dance) Syllabi. We have been actively participating in their exams for over 10 years. We have found that ATOD offers a strong syllabi in many of our dance styles. There are many choices of exam systems available but we have found that ATOD fits our needs very well.

Stepnout Performing Arts will also be offering Acrobatic Arts exams in 2019. A wonderful addition to our Acrobatics classes. I can’t wait!

Exams are a wonderful addition to a dancers overall learning. Exams make confident performers!

Don’t forget to get your form and paperwork in by Monday 27 May.

2018 Exam Letter

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