Why should I present in uniform with neat and tidy hair to Dance class every week?

Hi to all our Stepnout Families. My blogs are being kept at a minimum this year so that you can enjoy some educational and informative blogs from other teachers and leaders in Dance. I truly hope that you have been enjoying them.

As you can see by my title, this blog needs to written. We completely understand that you are rushed after school and sometimes deal with tired and not so happy children but it is of utmost importance that they present themselves in our Stepnout uniform with correct shoes and very neat hair.

I will give you some reasons why below but incase you are wondering all Ballet, Acro, Cheerleading, Contemporary and Ashley’s Tuesday night Jazz classes should present at class with a bun. Everyone else at the studio should present with a very neat and secure ponytail. If your child’s hair is not long enough then they should present with a style that is completely off their face eg: Half up/Half down.

Regarding uniform, we have many variations throughout the studio but some classes require an exact version of the uniform to be worn. Here is the link to the studio Dress Code for you to read at your leisure, keeping in mind the classes that your child/children attend. All uniforms and shoes can be purchased at the studio. Just come in during Office Hours to organise. We are open 9 – 5pm Monday – Friday and 9 – 3.15 pm Saturdays.

Dress Code at Stepnout Performing Arts

Why is it so important?

  1. Respect and Presentation: Respect for dancing is an obvious one. This is carried forward through life as it becomes second nature to dress appropriately for all occasions; including competitions, exams, school and work. Presentation is how you finish everything off. The correct dress code is a part of this. You look the part, you feel the part. Presentation is the icing on the cake.
  2. Focus and concentrate to become a better dancer: When a student isn’t dressed appropriately they start fidgeting and not concentrating on their teacher. They may miss corrections and certainly hold up the class if the teachers has to help tidy them up. A student that is neat and tidy can perform steps with ease and control. 
  3. Preparing for Performance and Exams: Not every child will take part in exams but they will certainly perform and take part in our annual Concert. Our body remembers through muscle memory. How we learn a step is how we perform it. If students learn to master steps/routine incorrectly due to untidiness then that’s how they will perform it. Untidy hair may result in them flicking or whipping their hair while dancing and this movement will carry forward even when their hair is appropriate at performances. It will not be controlled and will most likely be very messy on stage. Exam work requires perfect presentation for respect, appreciation and performance quality in the room.

I could go on but I think these 3 points cover alot. Please ensure your child/children attend class neatly and in the appropriate uniform and shoes. It can be embarrassing to be pulled up in class but it is a necessary discipline of dance. We will be contacting parents to address this issue so save yourself and us the concern and ensure your child is ready to dance!

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