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Dance Movies To Watch These School Holidays!

The winter holidays have just begun. Everybody is tired and already sick of winter. The weather does not feel at all inviting. You may just want to stay in bed….

STOP! I have the solution. I was inspired to come up with a list from

What a great way to pass some time during the holidays. With such a great list you have enough movies to watch 1 a day if you like. Obviously some of these may not be appropriate for all ages (check the ratings before viewing) but there are definitely some for everyone. You could have some great family movie nights with this list. Happy watching!

  1. Centre Stage – any of these
  2. Mao’s Last Dancer
  3. Step up – any of these movies (there are heaps)
  4. Honey – Honey 2
  5. Footloose – (either version or both)
  6. High School Musical – 1, 2 & 3 (My niece thinks 2 is the best)
  7. Save The Last Dance
  8. Billy Elliot
  9. A Chorus Line
  10. Grease
  11. West Side Story
  12. Singing’ In The Rain
  13. Fame
  14. Hairspray
  15. Ballerina
  16. Flashdance
  17. Burlesque
  18. Dirty Dancing
  19. Saturday Night Fever
  20. Bring It On – any of these (for the Cheerleading dancers)
  21. Barbie in the Pink Shoes
  22. Black Swan
  23. Strictly Ballroom
  24. Chicago
  25. An American In Paris
  26. I could keep going but will leave the rest up to you. Don’t forget to add your favourite movie on Facebook so that we can publish the Stepnout Favourite Dance Movie list.

Go Slow For The Holidays

This was emailed to me last year. While searching for blog ideas for you all I came across this and thought it would be a perfect blog this week. Hands up if you forget to slow down during school holidays. I have been guilty of this many times by organising Swimming intensive programs where we still have to wake up early for a 9 am start. Not these holidays. i am officially organising a go slow break. Fingers crossed it works for me! I hope you find this interesting and good luck in the holidays. Don’t forget to “Go Slow”!


Dear Parent,


I just put my head out the window and heard a collective sigh of relief from parents around the country as the majority of Australian states begin their school holidays at the end of next week.

Most families I meet are fast-paced.

Kids highly-scheduled lives mean that family routines are hooked into children’s weekly activity schedules.

And their activity levels are massive. Before school, after school and weekend activities are now commonplace for children.

Nothing wrong with that in the short-term, but kids need to slow down for the sake of their well-being and also to maximise learning.

Families need to slow down on a regular basis so people can get to know each other, and so people don’t feel so stressed.

Slow Sundays, slow long weekends and slow holidays help take the stress away and give families the chance to get to know each other and even give members the chance to like each other again.

Understanding why, knowing when and working out how to slow things down is part of the art of parenting. That brings me to holidays.

School holidays are the time to break routine, and slow things down. It’s hard if you work, but even then the change of pace is to be enjoyed and valued. You’ll have your own version of slow!

Still expect kids to help at home. It may take longer than usual.

Resist being their home entertainment machines when they get bored. They do need to keep themselves amused. Busy kids sometimes lack the capacity to entertain themselves. Boredom stimulates their capacity to self-occupy.

There’s a lot to be said for slow!

Enjoy the change of parenting pace.

Article sourced from

HK 569: Go slow for the holidays



DanceStep Affiliate Partner Studio

Stepnout Performing Arts is proud to be an Affiliate Partner Studio with DanceStep. This program encourages and empowers our next generation of young leaders by providing opportunities for students to assistant teach within certain classes. Working alongside our dance teachers, assistants also study theory from the DanceStep program, providing valuable knowledge in areas such as Anatomy, Safe Dance, Learning Styles and Musicality. The inclusion of leadership studies and self-awareness activities seeks to encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and others in a supported environment which often results in increased levels of self esteem and confidence. 

So, You want to be a Ballerina?

The title of this blog could so easily be “So. You want to be a Doctor?” or Gardener or Artist or Football Star. It is a must read for teenagers deciding on school subjects with careers in mind. It’s great for people of all ages considering the next big decision in life. Do you still want to follow that childhood goal or take another path?

“This is all about getting to know what you value and staying true to that.”

Happy reading!

So, you want to be a ballerina?

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Photo sourced from Stepnout Point Lonsdale Lighthouse photo shoot

Strength Beats Stretch

Please take some time to read this article and share with the dancers in your house. Nobody wants an injury. Strengthening is much more important than simply stretching. I hope you all enjoy this informative article. utm_source=BB&utm_medium=EDM&utm_campaign=TAB&utm_term=18MKBEHINDBALLET187EM&utm_content=version_A&sourceNumber=34425


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The Importance of Sleep For Dancers

This article was sourced from website. Before I read it I thought it may be a great blog for dancers. After reading it I realised its a great blog for everyone – not just dancers. Adults of all ages probably need this blog more than most students.

The Importance of Sleep for Dancers


Sit down with a cuppa and have a read. Just don’t read this article before bed. Keep away from screens at bedtime!

Photo: Dutch National Ballet ( from article)



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