August Stepnout Students of the Month

August 1, 2018



Jemma is such a delightful student and it is truly a pleasure to teach. I can’t wait till she comes into the studio each week with a huge smile so excited to be there. Her concentration in class is excellent for her age and she follows and watches everything I do. She is starting to have fantastic technique for someone so young and is lucky enough to be very talented and physically fit. Well done Jemma. I can’t wait to see how far you go with your dance it will be a pleasure to watch and guide you.



Brooklyn is always such a pleasure to teach!! She gives her best efforts every single class, is always in uniform and lights up the room with her smile! Brooklyn is always keen to learn and tries hard when learning new moves. She is an amazing listener and is kind to others in the class. I have loved seeing her passion for dancing shine through since the start of the year and am very proud of her!



Gilition is an excellent student who listens to everything being asked of her then brings to the table her own flare and hard work. She rises to every challenge and has her eye on detail her continual practice and hard work is exemplary. Gilition is excelling in Hip Hop due to her hard work and dedication. Her self-practice and ability to give everything a go has her improving in leaps in and bounds. Keep up the good work keep practicing. Always add your own flair to your dancing.

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