Stepnout Performing Arts Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Promo Video

August 10, 2018

Wow! Here is the Promo video of the amazing Point Lonsdale Lighthouse photoshoot. It is way back in the distant warm past of February 2018. It seems so long ago as we freeze in the dreary winter months but of course, it was only 6 months ago. We are so pleased by the photos some of which have posted on Facebook and Instagram. This video shows just how successful the day was. The girls represented the studio with great respect and were willing to do anything asked of them. They supported each other beautifully throughout the process and the final results of the day are a testament to them. Obviously, the photos and video would not be possible without our photographers from Deluxe Videos. We have had the pleasure to work with Chris from Deluxe Videos for several years now and are always very grateful for his professionalism, gentleness with students and of course the quality of work.


Click the link below and enjoy.

Point Lonsdale Video

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