Monthly Archive: February 2019

2018 Scholarship Winner

February 22, 2019Shiko I cannot believe that Shiko has never danced before. She is a natural born hip-hop dancer who has the right groove with the right amount of attitude. Shiko is always on time and always remembers combinations and routines from one week to the next. She is always respectful of staff and her classmates and...
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The Pressure You Should Never Give Into As A Dance Teacher

February 22, 2019As a dance teacher, you’ve likely felt pressure to push your students ahead too young and too quickly. Whether the pressure came from students themselves, their parents, or your studio owner, here are the reasons you should stand your ground, and move at the pace you know is right: #1: If someone gets hurt, they will...
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2018 Scholarship Winner

February 8, 2019Sophie Sophie started Glee this year with an open mind. She is quiet in nature, has a heart of gold and would help any of her classmates in a heartbeat. Throughout this year Sophie has displayed courage and integrity. It is very obvious that she practises and always asks questions whenever she doesn’t quite understand an...
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8 Essential Back-to-Dance Tips

February 8, 2019As we head into our 3 week of classes I thought you might get some great tips from this article. I have heard whispers around the studio of very sore muscle. I hope you get some hand hints. Enjoy 8 Essential Back-to-Dance Tips Article & image sourced from (Dance Informa Australian Edition)

2018 Scholarship Winner

February 5, 2019Sanaa Sanaa loves to dance and it is clear from the enthusiasm she shows and the amazing energy she brings to every class! She demonstrates excellent musicality and technique, making it clear that she is committed to dance and always practices what she learns in the studio at home. While always performing with a big smile...
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February Students of the Month

February 1, 2019Preschooler Liliana In 2018 we had the pleasure of seeing Liliana twice a week! She performed in our 2018 Shining stars showcase as a Little Fairy a Hip Hopper and in the Dads Dance! Liliana performed exceptionally well in all of her dances and it was obvious she had a ball performing. Liliana has a beautiful...
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2018 Perpetual Scholarship Winner

February 1, 2019Sarah This young lady is like a bright shining light in every class she has and her smile is well known throughout the studio. As dedicated as she is talented, she gives everything she has to every class she takes. Her energy and sense of fun is infectious! She is an absolute pleasure to teach and...
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January Delights and Welcome to 2019 at Stepnout Performing Arts

February 1, 2019And we are back! Welcome to 2019 at Stepnout Performing Arts. I don’t know how things were for your families but I must say this summer holidays has flown in my house. We have been busy but I hope we also had enough down time to rejuvenate our bodies ready for 2019. A big welcome...
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5 Reasons Dance Teachers Should Love Mondays

February 1, 2019It’s almost Monday. Here are 5 reasons why I will jump out of bed on Monday morning in glee. Hehe!!! 5-reasons-dance-teachers-should-love-mondays   Article and image sourced from  
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