May Students of the Month

May 16, 2019



Havanah joined Stepnout this year in our fairies and elves class, She was so quiet not even saying her name or talking too much to me at all. She watched, listened and tried everything we did in class. I watched her grow over the first term every week, slowly building confidence. Here we are in Term 2 and Havanah is blossoming. She watches intently and manages to tackle everything thrown at her. Havanah is more confident than she was and it’s been lovely to watch her grow. I can’t wait to see her growing throughout the year. Havanah you are a pleasure to have in the classroom.



Naisha has improved so much since beginning acro this year. She works really hard during class and always comes in with a positive attitude. When Naisha learned some new exercises in class she went home and practised them and achieved them the very next week!! I am amazed to see how far her skills have come in such a short time. I am really happy with her determination when trying new things. Well done Naisha!



Summer has an impeccable work ethic and is an absolute pleasure to have in class. Her skills as an assistant are extremely desirable to all our staff and her teaching skills are developing nicely. Summer, you are a true asset to our school.

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