Month: September 2019


When did you start dancing? When I was 3 years old.

What’s your favourite part of teaching? Seeing the journey of students as they grow and develop their skills in their craft, and how those skills help them in their everyday life as well. 

What advice would you give your younger self? To always believe that things happen for a reason. 

What’s your next holiday destination? The Seychelles Islands! That’s where lots of my family are from. 

Who is your favourite performer? There’s so many! A few are Meryl Streep, Jeremy Jordan, Travis Wall, for his choreography and performance. 

What was the last show you saw? I saw Aladdin, it was amazing! 

What are your goals for the future? To be performing/teaching all over the world. Also to be working with animals in rescuing and rehabilitation. 

Why did you choose your profession? The performing arts has been something I’ve grown up around, it feels like home to me and it’s always been the community that I’ve wanted to be a part of. 

If you won the lottery, what would you do? I would use the money to make sure my family was taken care of, donate to as many people in third world countries, and donate to animal rescue/rehabilitation centers. 

What is a skill you’d like to learn and why? I’d love to learn how to play the drums. I’ve always had an interest in playing them, they just look like fun! 


T’was the week before Stepnout dancing exams and………

Next Sunday is ATOD examination day at Stepnout Performing Arts. We have many students taking part and can’t wait to see them shine. I thought I would put together a quick blog for those students.

Parents and students may be experiencing some anxiety but don’t forget that dancing exams assist dancers in their journey towards greatness. To all our students, exams do not determine who you are but certainly help build strength in character. Remember this is one way to improve as a dancer and the examiner is one person. Focus on being confident and trying your best.

Saturday night make sure you relax, have a bath and go to bed early. Meditate or watch a favourite movie. Don’t get too focused on that last minute preparation as it will only increase your anxiety. Make your last thought before sleep happy and relaxed.

Sunday eat light, healthy meals and keep hydrated. Arrive in plenty of time to warm up so your body is mentally and physically ready. Take the time to breathe.



Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind for tomorrow.

DO make sure your hair is in a neat bun. Your uniform and shoes should be immaculate.

DON’T wear makeup, jewelry, nail polish or tattoos.

DO be respectful and on your best behaviour and listen carefully.

DON’T chat, fidget or slump while you are in the room.

DO remember to breathe deeply throughout the exam so you can stay focused and calm.

DON’T forget that each exercise is only a part of the exam so don’t become flustered if you make a mistake.

DO remember that the routine is your chance to shine and showcase your ability. The examiner wants to be “wowed”.

DON’T forget to thank the examiner and studio representative in the room.

Examiners take on this role to assist students in the development as dancers. They wish and hope for great success for all students participating. 

Parents: Don’t panic because if you do, your child will. Breathe and don’t fuss. Any sign of nervousness from you will rub off onto your child. Show them how proud you are of their achievement and the hard work that has gotten them here.

Finally on behalf of your teachers best wishes to you all. We are so proud of you all for taking on the challenge of exams. Enjoy this wonderful experience and don’t forget to shine!

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