Monthly Archive: October 2019

The Basics of Overcoming Stage-Fright and Performance Anxiety

October 18, 2019As we draw closer to our concert season and rehearsals are in full swing, some students begin to show signs of Performance anxiety and stage fright. Everyone, including staff experiences some anxiety in the lead up to competitions and concerts. The way you deal with this anxiety and stage fright makes all the difference.  ...
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October Students of the Month

October 17, 2019Preschooler Annabelle Annabelle is a pleasure to teach. She is a quietly confident student who works very hard every week. Annabelle concentrates very hard in class and is showing great style for someone so young. She is always very respectful of me and her dance friends, she is a very caring young girl.I am very...
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How To Break A Negative Thought Loop

October 1, 2019  Article written by Darius Foroux and copied from Sometimes a small thing disturbs me. Somebody might say something that rubs me the wrong way. I might get a minor injury that prevents me from working out. Something at work might go wrong.  Do you know that feeling? Before you know it, you’re questioning...
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