Why Students NEED The Basics Of Acro Dance To Progress To Advanced Tricks ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Acro is an amazing dance class that compliments many dance styles today. Acro students want to do the big tricks…NOW!! Itโ€™s the age old dilemma where students donโ€™t want to be patient, they want instantaneous pazzazz.ย 

Acro is progressive. A cartwheel progresses to a side aerial, which progresses to a front aerial. A bridge kick-over progresses to a back walkover, which progresses to a back handspring.

At Stepnout Performing Arts we donโ€™t want our students to jump ahead to the “big” acro tricks before mastering the basics first? In every dance style out there, the foundations are the most important part to becoming a fantastic dancer. Acro is no different and the basics (foundations) are the only way students will truly master tricks and be able to perform them in routines correctly & with utmost safety.

Please have your budding Acro students read this article so they spend their energy striving to master the basics to be able to do spectacular tricks in the future. We want our students to reach their goals but, most importantly, we want them to be safe and healthy!ย 

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Why Students NEED The Basics Of Acro Dance To Progress To Advanced Tricks

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