Foot-Strengthening Exercises SOOO Easy You Can Do a Few While Brushing Your Teeth

As we are in our 8th week of  Term 2 and our studio remains closed I thought I would share this great article about foot stregthening that our students can do at home. Our feet are very important in life as well as dance so let’s look after them.

“As dancers, we should. We need our feet. They connect us to the floor; we push off them to move through space. We use them to relevé, roll through, land, stomp and tap.”

Happy stretching! Foot-Strengthening Exercises SOOO Easy You Can Do a Few While Brushing Your Teeth


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2019 School Spirit Award – Liana

Liana is one of the sweetest students at the studio. Whether she is in the waiting room, assisting at a studio event,  working in a student teacher capacity or taking part in a class her compassion and kindness is unwavering. She is always very helpful and offers her assistance whenever she is able. We would all benefit from her organisational skills. It’s a life skill that is hard to teach and here Liana is with it in abundance. She is well respected by other students and teachers and is a pleasure to have around.

Thank you Liana for everything you do for the studio.

2019 School Spirit Award – Summer

This year has been a year of growth for Summer. As a member of our Elite Mini Team she has worked extremely hard to maintain a disciplined manner in all her classes to become a well rounded dancer and performer. She has focused on building resilience and learnt how to push through some boundaries that were limiting her talent and with this has achieved great outcomes personally and as a team member.  She is developing some beautiful qualities that have been remarkable for someone of her age and will be an added bonus to her throughout life. Summer is thriving in our Elite program and is evolving into a very talented dancer.

Keep striving Summer, your journey has only just begun.


5 stretches to avoid: How you can avoid injuring yourself while stretching

As we continue with online classes I thought I would share another important article about stretching so that our students avoid injury and are dance ready when we return to the studio. 

This article talks about overstretching, only stretching when you have warmed up, target stretching, copying others, forcing stretches and appropriate times to stretch. Please share this with your dancers’ to ensure that they are listening to their body and always maintaining safe stretching.

I hope you find this ARTICLE as beneficial as I did.

Article written by Leigh Schanfein from Dance Informa.  

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2019 School Spirit Award – Charlee

Charlee is receiving this award for her development as a student teacher as well as her overall attitude at the studio. This year Charlee has really taken a huge step up and has become a very valuable Student teacher. She has taken on all critiques offered throughout the year with grace and determination and her command in the room is developing beautifully. Charlee is developing lovely relationships with students in classes she assists in and generally around the studio. Charlee is a warm and friendly face who welcomes everyone she encounters.

It’s been wonderful seeing your growth this year Charlee. Keep up the great work.

2019 Hip Hop Scholarship – Tahlia

Tahlia is a fantastic role model and leader in her class. She is a natural when it comes to Hip Hop and draws an audience to her with her style. She has natural leadership qualities and is a worthy winner of our Hip Hop scholarship. She is committed to being the best she can be each week and pushes herself every class. It’s lovely to see you shining on the stage and in your class.

Well done Thalia, it is a pleasure to watch you dance.

Six Exercises to Support & Strengthen your Back

Check out these great exercises. “ Having a strong back is not only essential to all aspects of dance, it also provides us support in our daily life. Having a strong back improves overall quality of life, increases the ease of performing daily tasks and is protective against injuries.”

Take up the challenge and do these exercises everyday. Watch the transformation of your muscles and strength.

Side Plank

Click HERE and start your back exercises today.

Article by Sheree Ronai-Horvath

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2019 Glee Scholarship – Callianne

Well this lady is just delightful. She is respectful, very hard working, super talented and has proven herself in each class she has undertaken with all her teachers. Calliane could have received the scholarship from any of the dance styles she takes classes in as she is a very well rounded dancer who is adaptable to all styles.

It is really lovely to watch her thrive in Glee as it has added another level to her dancing. She is very expressive and has a lovely voice developing. Calliane loves to give everything a go and has loved taking on characters and exploring how far she can push herself in Glee. She is very dedicated to her sport and thrives on friendly competition both internal and external. Her bubbly, outgoing personality has thrived in this class.

Well done Calliane. It has been a pleasure to watch you develop.

2019 Acrobatic Scholarship – Neve

Neve has been a beautiful member of Friday acrobatics. She works hard in class every week trying to gain more skills and strength to help her with tricks. This has been a huge boost to her confidence. Neve is super respectful and always committed to her class and team on Friday nights. She is compassionate to all her classmates and even though her class has a variety of ages she blends with everyone in the room.

Well done Neve, I can’t wait for you to do more in 2020 and see where your dedication takes you.

Extreme Stretching: The Risks of Sitting in Oversplits

I have been searching for articles that are relevant to our current situation. As we embark on this new kind of dancing in Term 2 I think this is a very important subject as students do their own stretching at home. There are many youtube channels and Insta accounts of dancers doing stretching videos and some of these include overstretching the body in ways that are not safe. 

Please share Extreme Stretching: The Risks of Sitting in Oversplits with your dancers so that they understand the risks of extreme stretching on their bodies.

Happy remote learning in school and dancing.

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