BUS for concert rehersals

As you will have noticed with our Kids/Teens and Adults Rehearsals at GPAC are on a Monday and Tuesday afternoons starting approximately 3.30- 4pm (TBC). Unfortunately these are the only rehearsal time we were able to reserve and we do expect you child to participate in these afternoons.

We understand that driving to geelong during school pick up times may be difficult for some families, so we are looking at hiring a bus that will pick up students from the studio and drop them back off after rehearsals are finished. This will be dependant on how many people are interested so please send us an email or speak with one of the office staff if you are interested. There will be a fee involved if you wish to use the bus service provided. We will be able to give you some more information when we know roughly how many people are interested in this.

Stay Tuned for more up dates on this Bus service.

Where did the holidays go?

We hope you all enjoyed your Holidays, as the last week draws to a close we here are busily planing our concert (already).

There have been some changes to the studio while you have all been away. We have been busy organizing all our costumes and headpieces but there is still plenty more to go. One of our never ending jobs, but we do love it.

There have been some small changes to the timetable so check it out and make sure you are all up to date.

We hope you and your families had a HAPPY EASTER and we will see you back ready to start in term 2.

My oh my how the time flys.

P.s. Term 2 starts on the 13th of April see you there!!

Timetable Changes

Over the holidays we have made some slight changes to the timetable. Please have a look and make sure your classes have not changed. If you have any concerns please contact the office.
Click here to download the latest 2015 Timetable Term 2 Update


Classes that have changed:

Monday 9.30 Delightful Tots has joined with our Monday 10.30 Kinder class.

Tuesday 5.45 Jazz 3 has been cancelled, this time slot has now become private lessons

Wednesday Junior Cheer/Acro is now an hour and a half class, starting at 4.00 – 5.30pm

Wednesday 5.00pm Tap/Jazz 2 has been cancelled

Wednesday Jazz/Lyrical has moved forward to 5.30pm to allow our Acro and Cheer classes to be extended

Wednesday Inter & Senior Acro class has also become an hour and a half, starting at 6.30 – 8.00pm



We now also have a 30 minute slot for a private Ballroom lesson on Wednesday so please contact the office if you are interested.


The term is nearly over!

Hello again from the Stepping Out Team. It’s hard to believe that Term 1 is almost over. A blink of the eye and here we are!

The students have all been doing really well this term. Our 4 year old kinder kids and preppies have done an absolutely amazing job. It has been a huge adjustment for them all and they are doing great.

A very big thanks to the students that performed at Riverwalk Family Day Out. They did a marvellous job. I was really proud of them all. Thanks to the families that stayed around to watch our students and support the studio. It is always a great experience to have lots of people to perform to and loads of cheering.

Our Performance Teams are getting ready to perform at their first competition for the year at Melton and Bacchus Marsh Dance Festival. We wish them all the very best and hope that they have a wonderful experience. Under 8’s are performing on Sunday 29th March. Under 12’s are performing on Tuesday 31st March. The Under 15’s are performing on Sunday 12th April.

Don’t forget to look out for all the videos being posted on Facebook. It has been really great to see classes having so much fun.

Enjoy the rest of the term.

Until next week “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”!!!


Welcome Back

Hello again. It has certainly been a while since my last blog.

The holiday feeling is well and truly gone and the business of the school year is once again reality.

Firstly, I hope that the Preps are all loving the excitement that school brings. It’s an amazing time for the kids and their parents. Best wishes for a fun filled year.

The 4yr old Kinder kids are all in the swing of things to and from what I have seen coping really well with the extra hours that they are now doing at Kinder. Great work kids!

For everyone else I hope you’re loving your teachers and have some friends in class with you.

Things have been flying along here as you all have seen. From the renovations that have taken place since our Open Day on January 17th to the business that occurs at the beginning of each year.

Thanks for your patience as staff get back into the swing of things and particularly the office staff and our new dance program. It is great, just getting our heads around this new system and its fantastic features.

Our performance teams have been working really hard to finish their 1st dances. They had a great workshop day in January and started back class a week early. I’m extremely happy with their dedication and understanding of the commitment they have made. Really looking forward to your first comp girls. It’s going to be great!

We had an awesome workshop day in January where our new and old teachers came together to give the students a fun and jam packed day. Great work everyone!

We will be participating in the Riverwalk Family Day Out on Sunday 1st March. The day runs from 10am – 4pm. We will be performing from 1pm – 1.30pm. Come along and support our Studio and have a fun day!!

Have a great week everyone.

Until next time Dance and be Merry!!!!!


Stepnout Performing Arts, Werribee

Hi and welcome to our new website and our first blog. December is certainly a busy time for everyone with parties, concerts and lots of Christmas shopping to be done.

As this is the beginning of an exciting new chapter at Stepping Out Performing Arts I wanted to share this video with you all. Cast your minds back to October and our Senior concert day, Dance Explosion ’14. It was a wonderful day shared by all our Senior School students and their families.

Behind the scenes three of our students – Molly, Breanna and Sarah – who were in both shows decided to make a little video of their day. It is a wonderful example of the fun and friendships that are formed here at Stepping Out. Please take the time to watch this great video. Thanks girls for sharing it with us all. You are truly wonderful.

At Stepnout Performing Arts we are all about dancing – but we are about so much more. The friendships formed, confidence gained, love of dance and music that develops are just a part of the Stepping Out experience.

I’m sure you will be thrilled by what you see. Until next time laugh, dance and be merry!

  1. A huge range of performance classes
  2. Expert and experienced teachers
  3. Affordable flexible classes
  • (03) 9741 6930
  • Factory 10, 61-65 Russell Street, Werribee, Melbourne, Victoria

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