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10 Reasons Dance is Undeniably a Sport

November 30, 2018Everyone related to dance knows this to be a no-brainer. Apparently, those that do other sports need to be convinced. Dance is so much more than a sport but here are just a few reasons why Dance is Undeniably a Sport. Don’t forget to share with all those non-believers in your world. Just a bit of light, fun...
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Why We Don’t Let Students skip Ahead to the “Big Tricks” in Acro Class

November 23, 2018Liz received this great article and wanted to share it with all our Stepnout families. Everybody wants to learn the “Big tricks” in Acro class. They look very impressive on stage. It is of utmost importance that our students work through the basics to strengthen and prepare their bodies to do this. Muscle memory is...
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Ask Deb: What Are Some Exercises to Correct Overpronation in First Position?

November 16, 2018This article has some great tips on over-rotated first position for all our budding ballet dancers. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the wider the position the better. Overpronation creates twisting that can leave the dancer vulnerable to injury. “The dancer should be able to stand in first position with equal weight between the pads...
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How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

November 9, 2018It’s concert season and our Jitterbugs, Kids and Teens Concert is next weekend. “Stage-fright, nerves, butterflies… Whatever you call it, performance anxiety impacts most performers at some stage in their training and career. “ Please read this article with the performers at home to give them the tools to turn their anxiety around and have...
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Acro Is Hard: Bumps and Bruises To Be Expected!

November 2, 2018This article is a great read for all our current Acro class families and those thinking of enroling in our Acro classes in 2019. Acro dance requires the students to work hard and be committed to building a strong foundation. “In acro, building a “Foundation of Technique” really means: establishing a baseline of strength, flexibility,...
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How To Stay Body Positive In The Ballet Studio

October 26, 2018“Enjoy your body; use it to move, perform, express, be creative. Build up a memory bank of enjoyable experiences in your body and remind yourself of all the wonderful things your body allows you to do, feel and create. “ This quote says it all. Please ensure you share this blog with your children. Whether we...
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Are You making These 3 Competition Mistakes?

September 30, 2018This is a great article for anyone who competes or performs. It can be applied to any aspect of life even though the focus here is on competing in dance. “Aiming to learn from and be inspired by the success of others rather than comparing yourself is an opportunity to grow as a performer.” With...
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4 Muscles That Will Save Your Students’ Pirouettes, Plus 4 Exercises to Strengthen Them

September 14, 2018The perfect Pirouette …. every dancers dream. This article has some great tips on the muscles to strengthen to improve your Pirouettes. Just imagine how impressive you could be at the concert. You answers are just 1 click away. Happy strengthening!   Article sourced from Photo sourced from  

I Don’t Have Enough Energy for Dance Blog

August 31, 2018While searching for this weeks blog I found this question. It’s really important for dancers but people of all walks of life. “Water, good nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise are all important components of a healthy, energetic life. Having one part out of balance will influence all the rest.” It’s short and sweet and simple...
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Lessons Learned

August 24, 2018Navigating their way through the jungle of life can be absolutely frightful for kids and teens. There are so many potential road blocks that it’s easy to see how daunting and stressful life can be. While researching for another topic I came across this great article. The advice here is concise and priceless. Although it...
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