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Acro vs. Gymnastics: What’s the Difference?

April 10, 2019Gymnastics is a sport, AcroDance is an art form. Acrobatics and gymnastics are very different. One cannot substitute for the other. Dance students should never attend external gymnastics classes to get additional outside training to practice their skills. Please read this article with your budding acro dancer to help them understand the differences. Acro vs. Gymnastics:...
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A dan­cer’s brain de­vel­ops in a unique way

April 5, 2019“In dance, the basic elements of humanity combine in a natural way.” Hanna Poikonens’ doctoral dissertation developed methods for understanding the processes that dance generates in the cortex. I know that doesn’t sound overly enticing but she has made some very interesting findings about dance. Take a few minutes to read this article and find...
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Dance Technique

March 15, 2019I know it all sounds very dramatic but here are some great tips to reverse the worst habits and improve your child’s technique. This will only help make them a much better dancer. Don’t forget to share this article with all the dancers in your home. Article and images sourced from

Science confirms: Dancing makes you happy

March 8, 2019“Without music, life would be a mistake”, said Nietzsche, and he wasn’t entirely wrong because we have a natural instinct that leads us to follow the rhythm of the music. In fact, most children move and clap their hands when they hear a song they like. It is a spontaneous response related to our need...
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The Pressure You Should Never Give Into As A Dance Teacher

February 22, 2019As a dance teacher, you’ve likely felt pressure to push your students ahead too young and too quickly. Whether the pressure came from students themselves, their parents, or your studio owner, here are the reasons you should stand your ground, and move at the pace you know is right: #1: If someone gets hurt, they will...
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8 Essential Back-to-Dance Tips

February 8, 2019As we head into our 3 week of classes I thought you might get some great tips from this article. I have heard whispers around the studio of very sore muscle. I hope you get some hand hints. Enjoy 8 Essential Back-to-Dance Tips Article & image sourced from (Dance Informa Australian Edition)

3 Ways to Become a More Productive Teammate

January 25, 2019As we begin a new year of dancing this article is very interesting for our Elite teams but it also applies to teams from sport to school. It’s offers some great advice on how to be a productive teammate. Happy reading. 3 Ways to Become a More Productive Teammate Article sourced from

Unqualified ballet teachers can ‘damage’ children

January 11, 2019At this time of year when choosing dance schools and classes you might find this article interesting. Your child’s dance development is most important to us. Happy reading.   Article and image sourced from

Doctors in the U.K. Will Soon Be Able to Prescribe Dance Classes

December 14, 2018Dancing is great for the Body, Mind and Soul. Every dancer knows it. It’s great to see the medical profession is catching up. This article is just the beginning.. Happy reading. doctors-in-the-u-k-will-soon-be-able-to-prescribe-dance-classes Article sourced from Image sourced from  

10 Reasons Dance is Undeniably a Sport

November 30, 2018Everyone related to dance knows this to be a no-brainer. Apparently, those that do other sports need to be convinced. Dance is so much more than a sport but here are just a few reasons why Dance is Undeniably a Sport. Don’t forget to share with all those non-believers in your world. Just a bit of light, fun...
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