Scholarship and Award Winners

2019 Contemporary Scholarship – Jenna

Jenna is an absolute treasure to have in class. She always works hard and is extremely respectful and a beautiful friend to everyone around the Stepnout community.

Well done Jenna you have stepped outside of your comfort this year and we can see the difference in your dance ability, flow and stage presence. Contemporary can be a difficult dance style to embrace as it requires great storytelling and feeling. It has been wonderful to see this transformation in your dancing as you have matured this year. Keep up the great work. 

2019 Ballet Scholarship – Indi-Rose

Indi-Rose brings a bundle of personality to class. From the first time she walked in I found her confidence and enthusiasm enchanting. Indi-Rose has worked so hard this year with her technique and pushing herself I can see a large improvement not only skill level but also being proud of her achievements as everything is starting to fall into place for her in ballet. She works very hard in class to master combinations and routines. She loves to perform and does so with a flair. She is a friend to all her teammates. Her bright and bubbly personality is infectious and always present.

It has been a pleasure to teach you Ballet, Indi-Rose. Keep striving to be the best you can be and don’t lose that spunk.

2019 Tap Scholarship – Chelsea

Chelsea has been an absolute delight in Tap this year. I have had the pleasure of teaching Chelsea most of her years at Stepnout and have found she has become a great leader this year in class. She always has a smile on her face, except when she is fine-tuning a new step or combination in class and practices until she has mastered it. Whenever she has been asked to assist teammates with tricky combinations she has always done so with great confidence and respect. She understands how to break steps down for others and work at their pace. It’s great to see this level of understanding in someone as young as Chelsea. She has the utmost respect for all our staff and fellow students.

I am so proud of how far you have grown this year Chelsea. Your ability to make corrections and keep working through difficult challenges has helped your confidence immensely. It has been wonderful to watch you grow. Keep up the great work.

2019 Jazz Scholarship – Alina

Having Alina in class is an absolute pleasure as she always works very hard and thrives on challenges. Alina is a quiet achiever who shines in the classroom and on stage. She’s dedicated to being the best jazz dancer that she can be and takes corrections on board with respect and maturity. She works hard in every class every week and is always polite and respectful. Alina has undertaken private lessons this year, working with her teachers to improve all over technique and develop a jazz solo routine that she will perform at competitions in 2020. 

We can’t wait to see you improve even more joining our Junior Elite Team in 2020.

Deluxe Video Award -Annabella

Annabella is such a dedicated and hard working student. She is very respectful and strives to do her best each time she steps into the room. When the music stops and the teachers are working with someone else, Annabella is always that student self correcting and going over the steps in the corner without prompting. She is always searching for ways to improve her performance and master the next challenge. Her work ethic is a credit to her at such a young age and her potential is limitless.

Congratulations on winning this award from Deluxe videos. We hope you enjoy your photo shoot.

2019 Perpetual Scholarship Winner- Summer

This young lady is a shining light and inspiration to everyone that meets her. She gives 100% to everything she does, student teaching, classes, elite classes, helping at the studio, inspiring her teammates at competitions and throughout the year. She has such a mature outlook on life and activities and passes this onto everyone she meets leaving a lasting impression. Her energy, enthusiasm and sense of fun is infectious! Not to mention that stunning smile! She is an absolute pleasure to teach and pushes herself in everything she does. She is a great friend and role model to all our students. She is a caring and supportive member of the studio and is always willing to lend a hand. She is a deserving and hardworking dancer who doesn’t know the meaning of less than 100%. 

Congratulations Summer you are a most worthy recipient.

2018 School Spirit Award


It is as a Student teacher in 2018 that Annalee is receiving this award. With her maturity and natural inclination to nurture, Annalee has been a wonderful addition to the classes that she is a Student Teacher in. She has a commanding presence but is always able to be the mother hen for the young students that she teaches. She is able to sense when they need a hug or a quick reminder of staying focused. The students all love to be with Annalee and she is often surrounded by “little chickies” clucking away at her. You have been a marvelous addition this year Annalee and have helped keep our wonderful beginner students on Mondays remain engaged, disciplined and loved. Your caring nature is one to be treasured.


2018 School Spirit Award


Isabella took up the challenge of becoming a Student Teacher this year in March. She has always been a quiet achiever in her classes at the studio however with the step up to Student Teacher and under the guidance of Tracey we have seen her blossom into a valued member of our student teaching team. Isabella comes along to her student teaching classes prepared at all times with everything required. Isabella takes responsibility for all communication that is sent home with regard to student teaching and will always ask questions if she needs further clarification. She is often the first to respond with an answer or a question – which we love!! It has been beautiful to watch your confidence develop slowly over the year and we look forward to seeing further growth in the years to come.

2018 Scholarship Winner


This year Eva has been a wonderful student inside and outside of the classroom. She has put in 100% every class and has improved every week which is also evident by how she practises outside of class. Eva has shown leadership skills, she is well behaved, always listens well and has been recommended by all her teachers past and present as a model student. She always comes into the studio with a huge smile and positive attitude. Eva has been an absolute delight to teach and I look forward to see what does next!


2018 Scholarship Winner


Stella is the quiet achiever in class. After a break from dancing Stella returned this year and has worked very hard from the first class to be where she is today. It’s always obvious that Stella practices until she perfects steps and combinations both in class and at home. Stella has the utmost respect for all our staff and her fellow students. She always has a smile on her face, except when she is deep in concentration fine-tuning a new step in class. I am so proud of how far you have grown this year Stella. Your ability to make corrections and take advice is way beyond your years. Keep up the great work.

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