Category: Student of the Month

March Students of the Month

March 8, 2017Preschooler Hanna Hanna is a delight to see every week. Not just because she has brought me flowers from her garden! To watch how far she has come has been a highlight. Hanna went through a stage last year when things just got a little hard and she was tired in class. With her mums...
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February Students of the Month

February 23, 2017Preschooler Indianah Indianah has been a pleasure to teach during 2016 and I can’t wait to see her progress in 2017. She came into class every week with a smile from ear to ear and loved to tell me about her week and share this with her friends. She took on all the challenges given...
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November Student of the Month

December 16, 2016Preschooler Chloe   Chloe is a quiet achiever. It has been an absolute delight to teach Chloe over the last couple of years and watch her develop into the strong dancer that she is today. As a quiet student Chloe has always worked very hard a focused her attention. She is always courteous to me...
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October Student of the Month

December 15, 2016Preschooler Ella Ella started classes this year in our delightful tots, she was very quiet but with her mum in the room attempted most things in class. Over the last term she has graduated into the kinder class and has become a very independent little dancer, following everything I do. She is still quite but...
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August Student of the Month

August 30, 2016Preschooler Storm   Storm always brings her listening ears and big smiling face to class. She has worked hard to know all of her exam exercises without watching her teacher and brings a positive energy into every class. Storm is a treasure to teach every week and we can’t wait to see her shine in...
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April Student of the Month!

July 15, 2016Preschooler Devashree This is Devashree’s first year at Stepnout Performing Arts. Her first 2 classes were challenging for her as she was very shy and overwhelmed. By week 3 she began to warm up and her gorgeous personality began to shine through. Fast forward to now  – 9 classes later and Devashree is a leader...
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July Student of the Month

July 15, 2016Preschooler Charlotte   Charlotte brings a big smile to every class. She is always listening and respectful of her teacher and especially her dancer friends in class. Charlotte follows instructions and encourages others to join along too. She brings a positive hardworking manner into every class. You are a treasure to teach, keep it up...
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May Students of the Month

April 23, 2016Preschooler Harper Harper is an angel in class. She is quiet and attentive and always has a smile whilst at dancing. Although Harper is extremely shy, she is quite confident and since teaching her over the past term and a half I can see her advancing every week. This week we hit a milestone with dancing...
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March Students of the Month!

March 23, 2016Preschooler Ally Collins       Ally runs into every class with a big smile and her bright bubbly energy. She is always eager to learn and encourages all around her to always have fun and join in. Ally always brings positive attitude and never gives up! She takes on all the steps I give...
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February Student of the Month

March 4, 2016Preschooler Amelia Chaplin Amelia is a delight to have in our Little fairies class this year. She started with us in our Delightful tots class as a shy little girl but over the last 2 year has blossomed into a leader in her class. She loves to wear her uniform and ballet shoes and watches...
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