Category: Student of the Month

March Students of the Month!

March 23, 2016Preschooler Ally Collins       Ally runs into every class with a big smile and her bright bubbly energy. She is always eager to learn and encourages all around her to always have fun and join in. Ally always brings positive attitude and never gives up! She takes on all the steps I give...
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February Student of the Month

March 4, 2016Preschooler Amelia Chaplin Amelia is a delight to have in our Little fairies class this year. She started with us in our Delightful tots class as a shy little girl but over the last 2 year has blossomed into a leader in her class. She loves to wear her uniform and ballet shoes and watches...
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December Student of the Month

December 18, 2015Preschooler Stella McIver Stella is one of our little preschoolers. She is a gorgeous bubbly girl who has a smile and hug for me every week. Stella always watches me in class and encourages everyone else to dance along. Her super cute personality makes it easy for her to continually make friends in class. Stella...
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2015 Scholarships

November 6, 2015Outstanding Achievement and Commitment Perpetual Trophy- Samantha Limina Deluxe Video – $500.00 Dance Scholarship This girl is amazing. She is gentle, respectful of others, always happy to give  a helping hand and give others support. Sam is one of the hardest working girls here and she does it all with a smile. Sam is a...
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October Student of the Month

October 23, 2015Preschooler Georgia Bregman   Georgia is one of our little preschoolers. She was one shy little dancer when she came to our dance school. Now she has blossomed into an amazing outgoing leader in class. Georgia is always watching me in class and encouraging everyone else to dance along. Her super cute personality makes it...
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September Student of the Month

September 11, 2015Preschooler Sakura Yoshizawa Sakura has been amazing. She was so very shy when she started with us and has slowly come out of her shell. Sakura watches the steps and follows in class beautifully for her age, she has a great understanding of her body.She already knows every step of her routine for the concert...
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July Student Of The Month

July 31, 2015Preschooler Vaishno Jit     Vaishno is a lovely little girl who attends every class with a big smile. She is an amazing listener and has a friendly nature with the other girls. She is always practicing at home and has wonderful technique in tap. She is becoming a wonderful little dancer in the short...
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June Student of the Month

June 12, 2015Preschooler Emerson Pitari     Emerson is a treasure to teach and is such a lovely presence in class. She is a hardworking and focused little fairy. I look forward to being able to see Emerson grow into a beautiful little dancer. She is a wonderful listener and brings a smile to every class. You...
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May Students of the Month

May 16, 2015Preschooler Rivalea Reynolds Rivalea is a joy to teach. I look forward to her beautiful smile, bubbly personality and caring nature every week. Rivalea is very focused and loves to dance. She watches and follows beautifully in class. She attends every week with great enthusiasm and is progressing perfectly. Thank you Rivalea.You are superb!  ...
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April Students Of The Month

April 20, 2015Preschooler Jorgette Marcok   Jorgette comes running into her Little Fairies and Elves class every week with a huge smile and full of enthusiasm. She has such great attention span for a young girl. Jorgette watches everything shown to her and explained and is able to put that into practise in her lessons. Her feet...
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