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May 17, 2019This article is very important for all our students. Flow will make any performance magical and seamless and it is achievable. Click here to find out all about FLOW and how you can achieve it in your next performance at Stepnout Performing Arts. Article sourced from Image sourced from Stepnout Performing Arts 2018 Point...
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7 ways parents can teach girls to build one another up, instead of tearing one another down

May 4, 2019Here is an amazing article for you to enjoy. It’s a wonderful way for girls and women all around the planet to work together and support each other. Please share with all the girls and ladies in your family so we can start to make a difference. Stepnout Performing Arts is the perfect environment to put...
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Acro vs. Gymnastics: What’s the Difference?

April 10, 2019Gymnastics is a sport, AcroDance is an art form. Acrobatics and gymnastics are very different. One cannot substitute for the other. Dance students should never attend external gymnastics classes to get additional outside training to practice their skills. Please read this article with your budding acro dancer to help them understand the differences. Acro vs. Gymnastics:...
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Behind the scenes with the Wiggles

April 10, 2019I found this behind the scenes video of The Australian Ballet and The Wiggles and thought it would be wonderful for our budding ballet dancers and Wiggles fans to enjoy. There is a DVD on the way that could be a wonderful Birthday gift or stocking filler. Happy watching!     Video sourced from...
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A dan­cer’s brain de­vel­ops in a unique way

April 5, 2019“In dance, the basic elements of humanity combine in a natural way.” Hanna Poikonens’ doctoral dissertation developed methods for understanding the processes that dance generates in the cortex. I know that doesn’t sound overly enticing but she has made some very interesting findings about dance. Take a few minutes to read this article and find...
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2018 School Spirit Award

March 29, 2019Annalee It is as a Student teacher in 2018 that Annalee is receiving this award. With her maturity and natural inclination to nurture, Annalee has been a wonderful addition to the classes that she is a Student Teacher in. She has a commanding presence but is always able to be the mother hen for the young...
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Extreme Stretching: The Risks of Sitting in Oversplits

March 29, 2019There are so many blogs out there about overstretching that I thought it important to share one with you now. Please ensure you share this with the dancers in your home. Enjoy.   Article written by Candice Thompson Article sourced from Cartoon from Fur Affinity  

10 Reasons Tap Dancing Rocks

March 22, 2019There are so many reasons why you should take up tap dancing. Here are 10 to get you thinking. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I have. Happy tapping! 10-reasons-tap-dance-rocks   At Stepnout Performing Arts we offer Tap from 4 years to adults. Click on the link below to find a class that...
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2018 School Spirit Award

March 22, 2019Isabella Isabella took up the challenge of becoming a Student Teacher this year in March. She has always been a quiet achiever in her classes at the studio however with the step up to Student Teacher and under the guidance of Tracey we have seen her blossom into a valued member of our student teaching...
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2018 Scholarship Winner

March 15, 2019Eva This year Eva has been a wonderful student inside and outside of the classroom. She has put in 100% every class and has improved every week which is also evident by how she practises outside of class. Eva has shown leadership skills, she is well behaved, always listens well and has been recommended by...
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