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How to choreograph a routine

May 18, 2018When I saw this blog I knew that I needed to share it. Those students that have entered Stepnout Performing Arts Choreographic Competition and those still considering it will find this most beneficial. Unlike the blog our competition has a time limit between 1 minute and 1 minute 30 secs – students going over time...
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Why should I present in uniform with neat and tidy hair to Dance class every week?

May 11, 2018Hi to all our Stepnout Families. My blogs are being kept at a minimum this year so that you can enjoy some educational and informative blogs from other teachers and leaders in Dance. I truly hope that you have been enjoying them. As you can see by my title, this blog needs to written. We...
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Why Exams Are So Beneficial!

May 4, 2018Every year at Stepnout Performing Arts we offer exams to our students. Firstly, they allow students to progress appropriately in technique and ability. Technique enables students to keep progressing and mastering more difficult skills all the time. The best way to enhance technique is through participating in exams. Exams teach our students an extra level...
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Why Wait To Teach Ballet Technique?

April 27, 2018Here is an article for you to enjoy. It follows the same ideas as Stepnout Performing Arts. We use a different syllabus but we are always ensuring that our training is appropriate for students of all ages. We treasure our young dancers and want to ensure that they are able to dance for many years...
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Why Dance is just as important as Math in School

April 20, 2018 The importance of dance in school. We already knew. Now it’s time for everyone else to understand it’s importance as part of development. I hope you enjoy reading this article! Article by Sir Ken Robinson & Lou Aronica and sourced from

Stepnout Performing Arts Term 1 Fun!

April 13, 2018Wow! What a term we have had! I can’t believe we are at the end of our Autumn holidays. Before we know it Santa will be on our doorstep. Hehe! A warm welcome to our new families this year. We look forward to seeing you at events that we have throughout the year. A big...
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How can I safely improve my arches?

April 5, 2018Every dancer want a beautiful pointe and arch. Here is some great tips on how to improve your arches. Enjoy! Article by Leigh Schanfein and sourced from

To Compete or not Compete….That is the Question?

March 30, 2018Have a read of this blog. It’s entertaining and will challenge you in places but a great read none the less. Don’t stop half way through. All is revealed by the end. Enjoy!

Five nutrition must-knows for dance students!

March 23, 2018Nutrition and dance can seem very difficult to manage. Here is a great blog from to help your child with their eating habits. Enjoy!

Dance moms don’t exist! Let me tell you why?

March 16, 2018I really enjoyed this blog , I hope you do to! Happy reading! Dance moms don’t exist! Let me tell you why?
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