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7 Skills to Teach Your Daughter by Age 13

January 3, 2020I have subscribed to a great website called A Mighty Girl. As a parent of a pre-teen daughter I’m always interested to find out what others believe and do to see how it fits with our lives. Sometimes I read and disregard other times I take more notice.  This article caught my eye as it...
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6 Reasons Dance Training Makes Us Better Human Beings

December 13, 2019“Every year we remind the kids that in academic schooling not moving up to the next grade every year is seen as a failure but in the arts, it is normal to stay in a level for multiple years as you perfect your skills. Every year there are kids who don’t move up and are...
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Rude, Mean, or Bullying? A Child Therapist Defines the Differences

December 13, 2019Bullying is such an important issue in society today but we don’t want to confuse rude and mean behaviour with bullying. I believe that it is very important that parents understand the difference so we can help our children distinquish the behaviour correctly. I hope you find this blog sourced from helpful too. Rude,...
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The 12 Days of Dance Teacher Christmas

December 12, 2019With the silly season upon us and as we wind down after another fantastic year of dancing at Stepnout Performing Arts I thought you would all enjoy a bit of Christmas fun.  Article posted and sourced from Haley Hilton and ————————————————————————————————————– On the first day of Christmas my dancers gave to meStudents who are...
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For the love, or money? Can it be both?

December 6, 2019Our year of dance is winding down and we have hit the home stretch with our last week of classes for 2019. This article was brought to my attention as it puts everything into perspective regarding Dancing, the costs and the benefits gained through taking part in this awesome Art. Happy reading! Article sourced from...
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Dancing Benefits Brain Function Teamwork and Health, According to a Neuroscience Ph.D. It doesn’t even matter if you do it badly or well.

November 29, 2019“What’s a quick, easy way to improve your mood, productivity, brain function, and physical health? Take a five-minute dance break.” How simple and yet very productive life would be if we all did this. Everyone would be a “Happy Little Vegemite!” “Dance is a fantastic thing to do in the workplace because it benefits you...
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5 reasons why dancers should take an acting class

November 15, 2019Acting and dancing go hand in hand. Click HERE to read on. We offer Glee to school aged students. Why not add a Glee class to your 2020 Dance classes. Happy reading. Article and image sourced from Dance Informa

How To Improve Your Performance With Your Eyes Closed

November 1, 2019It’s the stuff that dreams are made of – improving your performance with your eyes closed – but how do we harness the power of mental imagery in reality? Click Here to find out “Just like The BFG, you too could have your own ‘workshop’, filled with mental imagery that you can draw on when you’re...
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The Basics of Overcoming Stage-Fright and Performance Anxiety

October 18, 2019As we draw closer to our concert season and rehearsals are in full swing, some students begin to show signs of Performance anxiety and stage fright. Everyone, including staff experiences some anxiety in the lead up to competitions and concerts. The way you deal with this anxiety and stage fright makes all the difference.  ...
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How To Break A Negative Thought Loop

October 1, 2019  Article written by Darius Foroux and copied from Sometimes a small thing disturbs me. Somebody might say something that rubs me the wrong way. I might get a minor injury that prevents me from working out. Something at work might go wrong.  Do you know that feeling? Before you know it, you’re questioning...
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