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Chookers to our Exam participants and Stepnout Performing Arts Term 2 Adventures.

July 20, 2018Tomorrow, Sunday 22 July we have some students participating in our annual ATOD exams. We wish you all a great afternoon. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the experience. The hard work is done and it’s time to showcase your technique. Make sure you have a relaxing evening tonight, soak in a bath and get...
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July 13, 2018When did you start dancing? I started dancing when I was 3 with my twin sister. What’s your favourite part of teaching? I love seeing the students leave the studio with smiles on their faces. If you weren’t teaching dance, what would you do? That’s a tough one because all I’ve ever done is dance....
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The Best ways To Stay Flexible Over The Holidays Blog

July 6, 2018This article from is very informative. It speaks about the summer holidays but as we have holidays from dancing during school holidays I thought it might make an interesting read and prove beneficial all year round. Make sure you share it with your budding dancer. Happy holidays! best-way-to-stay-flexible-over-the-holidays  

Dance Movies To Watch These School Holidays!

June 29, 2018The winter holidays have just begun. Everybody is tired and already sick of winter. The weather does not feel at all inviting. You may just want to stay in bed…. STOP! I have the solution. I was inspired to come up with a list from What a great way to pass some time during the...
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Go Slow For The Holidays

June 22, 2018This was emailed to me last year. While searching for blog ideas for you all I came across this and thought it would be a perfect blog this week. Hands up if you forget to slow down during school holidays. I have been guilty of this many times by organising Swimming intensive programs where we...
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DanceStep Affiliate Partner Studio

June 18, 2018Stepnout Performing Arts is proud to be an Affiliate Partner Studio with DanceStep. This program encourages and empowers our next generation of young leaders by providing opportunities for students to assistant teach within certain classes. Working alongside our dance teachers, assistants also study theory from the DanceStep program, providing valuable knowledge in areas such as...
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So, You want to be a Ballerina?

June 15, 2018The title of this blog could so easily be “So. You want to be a Doctor?” or Gardener or Artist or Football Star. It is a must read for teenagers deciding on school subjects with careers in mind. It’s great for people of all ages considering the next big decision in life. Do you still...
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Strength Beats Stretch

June 8, 2018Please take some time to read this article and share with the dancers in your house. Nobody wants an injury. Strengthening is much more important than simply stretching. I hope you all enjoy this informative article. utm_source=BB&utm_medium=EDM&utm_campaign=TAB&utm_term=18MKBEHINDBALLET187EM&utm_content=version_A&sourceNumber=34425   Article and photos sourced from  

The Importance of Sleep For Dancers

June 1, 2018This article was sourced from website. Before I read it I thought it may be a great blog for dancers. After reading it I realised its a great blog for everyone – not just dancers. Adults of all ages probably need this blog more than most students. The Importance of Sleep for Dancers   Sit down...
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How to help your Child Thrive at Dance this Year

May 25, 2018This blog has some great tips for you to keep in mind. How can a parent be supportive in a back seat role? It’s a great read and may give you some assistance when the going gets tough. Sit back and have a read!   Blog by Emma Sandall. Blog and images sourced from...
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