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Extreme Stretching: The Risks of Sitting in Oversplits

March 29, 2019There are so many blogs out there about overstretching that I thought it important to share one with you now. Please ensure you share this with the dancers in your home. Enjoy.   Article written by Candice Thompson Article sourced from Cartoon from Fur Affinity  

10 Reasons Tap Dancing Rocks

March 22, 2019There are so many reasons why you should take up tap dancing. Here are 10 to get you thinking. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I have. Happy tapping! 10-reasons-tap-dance-rocks   At Stepnout Performing Arts we offer Tap from 4 years to adults. Click on the link below to find a class that...
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2018 School Spirit Award

March 22, 2019Isabella Isabella took up the challenge of becoming a Student Teacher this year in March. She has always been a quiet achiever in her classes at the studio however with the step up to Student Teacher and under the guidance of Tracey we have seen her blossom into a valued member of our student teaching...
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March Students of the Month

March 18, 2019Preschooler Lucy Lucy has started her 3rd year at Stepnout and WOW, she has grown so much. From a shy kinder kid in 2017 to our Fairies/Elves program in 2018 and picking up our Acrodance Preschool program in Term 4. In 2019 Lucy is doing 2 classes a week. She comes in with a smile and...
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2018 Scholarship Winner

March 15, 2019Eva This year Eva has been a wonderful student inside and outside of the classroom. She has put in 100% every class and has improved every week which is also evident by how she practises outside of class. Eva has shown leadership skills, she is well behaved, always listens well and has been recommended by...
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The Seven Deadly Sins of Dance Technique

March 15, 2019I know it all sounds very dramatic but here are some great tips to reverse the worst habits and improve your child’s technique. This will only help make them a much better dancer. Don’t forget to share this article with all the dancers in your home. Article and images sourced from


March 15, 2019When did you start dancing? 15 years old What’s your favourite part of teaching? Seeing students Develop If you weren’t teaching dance, what would you do? Make-up Artist What is your life outside of Stepnout? Barista in a cafe What’s your favourite dance step? Leg Holds What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t let other people’s opinions get in...
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2018 Scholarship Winner

March 8, 2019Stella Stella is the quiet achiever in class. After a break from dancing Stella returned this year and has worked very hard from the first class to be where she is today. It’s always obvious that Stella practices until she perfects steps and combinations both in class and at home. Stella has the utmost respect for...
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Science confirms: Dancing makes you happy

March 8, 2019“Without music, life would be a mistake”, said Nietzsche, and he wasn’t entirely wrong because we have a natural instinct that leads us to follow the rhythm of the music. In fact, most children move and clap their hands when they hear a song they like. It is a spontaneous response related to our need...
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March 7, 2019When did you start dancing? I originally told my mother at the age of 2 that I wanted to be a ballerina, but being a chubby little toddler, my mother laughed and didn’t proceed to enrol me into my first dance class until I was 4. But I’m pretty sure I pirouetted out of the...
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