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Congratulations to Our Senior School

October 30, 2015Wow!!! What an amazing day! A big congratulations to all our Senior School students and teachers and staff. We did it! The hard work paid off. The teachers were all so very proud of your performances on stage and your behaviour backstage. It’s a huge day with lots of kids and helpers backstage and all...
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October Student of the Month

October 23, 2015Preschooler Georgia Bregman   Georgia is one of our little preschoolers. She was one shy little dancer when she came to our dance school. Now she has blossomed into an amazing outgoing leader in class. Georgia is always watching me in class and encouraging everyone else to dance along. Her super cute personality makes it...
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Senior Concert Day!!!

October 23, 2015Wow!! It’s finally here! Best wishes from all the staff at Stepping out Performing Arts! You have all been working really hard to get to this point. The rehearsing has all paid off. Now it is your chance to shine! Smile and show your family just how much you love to dance. Concerts are what...
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Rehearsals and Practising!

October 9, 2015  As the concerts are fast approaching I wanted to remind everyone just how important it is to practise and attend rehearsals. Formalised rehearsals are of utmost importance for everyone. Teachers, students, technicians and parents. We have only GPAC rehearsals left before our Senior concert but they are extremely important for us all For teachers...
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The importance of wearing a uniform

September 30, 2015A uniform is an important addition to belonging to Stepnout Performing Arts. It creates an identity and sense of belonging both at the studio and in the public arena. Studio pride is a wonderful way for students to strive to be the best dancer they can be. The hoodie has been a great addition for...
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September Student of the Month

September 11, 2015Preschooler Sakura Yoshizawa Sakura has been amazing. She was so very shy when she started with us and has slowly come out of her shell. Sakura watches the steps and follows in class beautifully for her age, she has a great understanding of her body.She already knows every step of her routine for the concert...
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August Student of the Month

September 5, 2015Preschooler Harper Poll Harper joined our Stepnout family this year. She is a delight to have in class. Harper is a great leader who always knows what she is doing in class. She attends every class with great enthusiasm and is progressing perfectly. I look forward to her beautiful smile, bubbly personality and caring nature...
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August 3, 2015Hi everyone, hope you have survived the chilly weather we have been having. As you all know it’s a very crazy time of year and will only get busier until after our Senior concert. Hectic but fun times are ahead for us all. Today I thought I would tell you about the first two parties...
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Term 3 Newsletter

July 31, 2015Check out our latest newsletter! It is jam packed full of concert and photo information, not long to go now!! Term 3 Newsletter

July Student Of The Month

July 31, 2015Preschooler Vaishno Jit     Vaishno is a lovely little girl who attends every class with a big smile. She is an amazing listener and has a friendly nature with the other girls. She is always practicing at home and has wonderful technique in tap. She is becoming a wonderful little dancer in the short...
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