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Winter Workshop Is Coming!!

June 26, 2015  We are excited to be bringing our winter workshop to life this school holidays. It will be a fun filled day not to miss, with various dance classes taken by Emily & Louise and extra art and craft activities. Check out the flyer for more details!!

Exams for School Aged Children

June 26, 2015As our ATOD exams are about to take place, here is the benefits of exams for school aged children. Exams gradually increase in difficulty and the requirements of students attending. This enables the younger students to develop and gain both technique and experience each year. Each Syllabi has it’s own style and objective but the...
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The Benefits of Competitions

June 17, 2015As our Performance groups have completed another competition I started thinking about the benefits of competitions. I don’t have any studies to fall back on, just my own experiences and thoughts. I have very fond memories of participating in comps every year as a young child both in Solos and Troupes. It was so wonderful...
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June Student of the Month

June 12, 2015Preschooler Emerson Pitari     Emerson is a treasure to teach and is such a lovely presence in class. She is a hardworking and focused little fairy. I look forward to being able to see Emerson grow into a beautiful little dancer. She is a wonderful listener and brings a smile to every class. You...
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Preschool Exam Blog

May 29, 2015As some of our students prepare for exams at the end of the term including our Fairies/Elves and Jitterbugs classes (3 – 5yr olds) I started thinking about the benefits of exams for young children. ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dance)is the syllabus that we use here at Stepnout Performing Arts for Preschoolers, Jazz and Tap...
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Brrr, it’s Cold in Here

May 19, 2015BRRR, it’s cold in here! I said, there must be some clovers in the atmosphere! I said Oh-Ee-Oh-Ee-Oh ICE! ICE! ICE!   A very fitting cheer from the movie Bring it on. Yes winter is well and truly here, so don’t let those lovely sunny weekends fool you. It does get a bit chilly in...
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May Students of the Month

May 16, 2015Preschooler Rivalea Reynolds Rivalea is a joy to teach. I look forward to her beautiful smile, bubbly personality and caring nature every week. Rivalea is very focused and loves to dance. She watches and follows beautifully in class. She attends every week with great enthusiasm and is progressing perfectly. Thank you Rivalea.You are superb!  ...
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Exam Information

May 8, 2015ATOD exams are fast approaching. Here is some information about the exams which will be held at the studio on Sunday 28th June. These are only available for certain classes which are listed below: ALL Little Fairies Classes ALL Jitterbug Classes Monday, Tuesday & Saturday Jazz/Tap 1 ALL Thursday Tap Classes Friday 4pm Jazz 3...
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Happy Mother’s Day

May 8, 2015Blog for Mother’s Day A very big Cheerio to all our Stepnout Mum’s! We hope the day is very special and you get to appreciate all the little things that often pass us by! Thanks for all the things you do and all the love you give! Thanks for making all the little joys seem...
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An Unwritten Letter to our Teachers <3

May 6, 2015Today I wanted to share a lovely letter that I found on Facebook. It’s an unwritten letter from a student to her dance teachers.   It’s titled 7 Valuable Life Lessons You Learn From Being A Dancer.   The life lessons learnt are:   You taught me the importance of hard work and dedication...
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