2019 ATOD Exams

ATOD Exam Day at Stepnout Performing Arts 2019 is Sunday 22 September between 11.30-4.30 and will be held at Stepnout Performing Arts. Please keep the date free if your child is attending exams this year. We will confirm times your child will be required closer to the date.

Be mindful that exam preparations will be taking place for all classes so it is imperative that your child attends every class until the exam. Students attending exams will attend 2 compulsory practice days. The added bonus of these sessions is to perfect everything and ensure all the students are confident and completely understand the exam process.
Exam Practise Dates: Sunday 11 August & Sunday 8 September. All entrants will be emailed with their timetable for the practice days and the exam day. Please watch out for these emails.

The exams consist of set exercises appropriate to the level of each class and the students complete these exercises in front of an examiner. Each participating student receives a written report, a grade and if they pass the exam they will receive a medal. For the younger levels a teacher is in the exam room with the students. Level 2 M/T, Test 3 in ballet and above, the students will complete the exam without any help (a teacher is present in the room for music only). 

All exam participants will be required to wear full school uniform, with appropriate tights and shoes. Shoes should be clean, with hair in a bun and no makeup or jewellery allowed.

We have information on the wall that helps explain the benefits of sitting an exam. They are a lot of work for our studio to maintain however they assist students in developing good standards, technique and confidence. Please note some students in the above classes will not be ready for exams, your teacher will advise you. We believe all students that take part in exams excel in the chosen genre and work harder in class to perfect their exercises.

 This link is worth reading: Benefits of exams 

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