TERM 3 Winnfit Classes @ Stepnout. Zumba and Group PT sessions

Monday 7:30pm Strong by Zumba 45mins
Monday 8:15pm Zumba Toning 45mins
Tuesday 9:15am  Strong 60mins)
Wednesday 8pm Group PT 30mins
Wednesday 8:30pm Zumba 45mins
Thursday 8pm Strong 45mins
Friday 11am Strong by Zumba 45mins
Friday 11:45am Zumba Toning 45mins
call Donna Winney- 0457 305 948 or email: winnfit2017@gmail.com TO BOOK IN
Term 2 (2nd 5-week Block-commencing 29 May 2017)
New timetable to check out.
Monday 12 pm Group PT (30mins) from 29/5/2017
Monday 7:30 pm Zumba Toning (45mins) from 29/5/2017
Monday 8:15 pm Group PT (30mins) from 29/5/2017
Wednesday 8:15 pm Zumba (45mins) from 31/5/2017
Friday 11 am Group PT (30mins) from 2/6/2017
Friday 11:30 am Zumba Toning (45mins) from 2/6/2017


Donna from Winnfit is taking some great classes for Term 2 at Stepnout Performing Arts.

Zumba and Group PT  sessions

Wed 8.15pm & Friday 11.45am- Zumba

Mon 12 pm & Mon 8.15pm- Group PT

Take a look at the flyer for more details or call Donna Winney- 0457 305 948

or email: winnfit2017@gmail.com

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