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Why dance at Stepnout?

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Stepnout, we support each one of our students as a whole person, not just a dancer.  We support them in developing self-esteem, resilience, teamwork and a growth mindset.


This means, they’ll embrace challenges through personal goal-setting. Not only that, they will learn to really recognise their own and others’ achievements.  

The chance to perform introduces children to the importance of self-expression, teamwork, creativity, fitness, mental health, connection and perseverance. 

All of these pursuits are so valuable and beneficial for young people. They also help establish a healthy lifestyle and outlook, giving your child the best chance of achieving their career and life dreams.


Our Story

Passionate about early childhood education and junior dance, our founder Liz started the Stepnout journey as “First Steps”, with only the babies coming through our preschool program.

As these students thrived, we took on school-age children and eventually teens and adults.  Liz saw a need in the local area for a one-stop-shop dance studio, where dancers of all ages and abilities were welcome.

Our impressive network of talented teachers meant we could cater to the needs of toddlers, kids, recreational teens as well as elite and adult dancers. 

Stepnout has grown with its first cohort of students to become one of the premier dance schools in Melbourne’s west.  

We are actively involved in the Wyndham community appearing at major events and collaborating with local schools. To keep following our story, join us online over at Instagram and Facebook.

Meet The Team

“My daughter has been at Stepnout since she was 18months old, now at 8 almost 9 it is her second home. The programs develop the whole child not just their dancing ability. Her resilience, persistence and dance ability are a testimonial to the school, it’s Principal Liz and her team.."


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