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Elite Program

The Stepnout Elite dance program is a slick showcase of our incredibly talented performers. These dancers are exemplars of our commitment to fostering leadership, discipline and professionalism.

The main pathway to joining the Elite Team is through our recreational classes – that way we get to know our students.


Becoming part of the Stepnout Elite team is a big commitment, so it’s important you and your teachers are certain that you are ready to take this next leap.

In order to determine important factors like character, work ethic, coach-ability, and responsibility, we have a motto of “every class is an audition”.


This inspires those with the ambition to reach the Elite level to really show up at their best each week.


How it works

While we used to hold annual auditions for the team, we have now shifted our approach. We realised that the fairest audition is not a 30-60 minute group session, but long-term observation in your weekly classes, around the studio and at our events and functions.

To do our job as teachers to the best of our ability, we want to work with dancers (and parents) who are keen, cooperative, respectful and committed.

Our faculty is always keeping an eye out for dancers who come to class prepared, on time, are focused and open to learning new skills, ideas or concepts and who return to class the following week with obvious signs of progress from practicing.


To gain entry into the Elite program every student must be taking the required classes.

Parents are key to students’ success

Parents play an important role in supporting their child’s dance ambitions. Keeping on top of studio information, being punctual and ensuring that your child is on time for weekly classes and performances will ensure they can participate fully and reach their potential.

While we ask that you ensure your child is meeting the basic requirements of participation, we also ask that you switch off once you drop them off and leave their training in our hands.

On occasion, we have had “helicopter” parents be too intrusive in-class time, offering teachers feedback on how to teach their child. We respectfully ask that all parents leave the coaching of your child in our professional hands, and take the chance to have some timeout! This is particularly important for the intensive Elite Program.

With all of this in mind, once dancers are invited to be a part of the team, both dancer and parent must continually cooperate to remain part of the program each year.


For more information about our Elite Program please contact the studio directly on 0397146930 or email


Other pathways

Annually, Stepnout invites selected recreational dancers to do a trial period with the Elite team. The trial is for a month anywhere from the start of Term 4, depending on ages.

At other times, we may extend additional offers to new students if they are new to the studio or if they are returning recreational students who have worked hard over the summer break and are displaying growth in their skills.  

Stepnout will also conduct private evaluations of new students coming from previous competitive training.

This helps to determine where they will be best situated and grow the most.

A trial period is also implemented in this scenario where the dancer is evaluated.

Once again, parental cooperativeness is an important factor in our decisions.

For more information about our Elite Program please contact the studio directly on 0397146930 or email

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