18 months to up to 5 years

Does your toddler love to move? Whenever the latest Katy Perry track comes on, they’re bouncing in the high chair or bobbing in front of the TV?  Our toddler classes are friendly, easy-going lessons that teach your mini-me to enjoy moving to music, interacting with other children and generally have fun!

If you’re unsure about which class would suit your child best, why not give us a call on (03) 9741 6930 or pop into the studio for a chat.

Please note: No previous experience is required and we accept students at all levels of ability.

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Choosing the right class for your child

During the first class, your child will be assessed so the teacher can see which class is going to be most appropriate. We look at your child’s physical abilities, personality and confidence, and comfort level in a classroom environment.

Our classes are great for overcoming shyness and building independence as well as releasing energy, making new friends and building lifelong skills.

A range of class types available

We have a range of classes for preschoolers, depending on their level of confidence and whether or not you’d like to participate in the class.

Delightful Tots & Kinder Kids

Parental assistance required for our tots but our kinder kids may be able to work independently. Suits children ages 18 months to 4 years and includes a co-ordination program.

Classes is designed with and without parent interaction in mind. This can depend on the child, sometimes you’ll just sit and enjoy the class and others may need more involvment! We recognise that some children will take longer than others to cope with the separation and independence in a class.

The class involves a range of activities including song and dance, gym circuits (perpetual motor program) and music in a fun atmosphere with positive encouragement. Classes teach:

  • fine and gross motor skills
  • balance
  • fitness and locomotion
  • appreciation of basic music, rhythm and timing
  • socialisation skills and self confidence
  • hand-eye and foot coordination
  • creativity and imagination

Little Fairies / Elves

No parental assistance required. Suits children ages 3-4 years and is a fun and relaxed class that’s great for children who are ready to dance.

(Most children in Little Fairies and Elves classes have completed Kinder Kids – but this isn’t a requirement).

Little Fairies and Little Elves classes start by combining co-ordination with dance and progress to a full dance class. Children learn the first lessons for  classical ballet and jazz dance and work towards performing routines by the end of year.

This is a class where fun and discipline go hand in hand.  The ATOD preschool syllabus is introduced in this class to lay the foundations for a creative technical dancer. We focus on:

  • space awareness, personal and shared
  • taking directions
  • how we move and moving different body parts
  • time and energy in movement

The benefits of the class include: development of listening skills and social skills, improvement of fine and gross motor skills, development of expression as well as enjoyment of dance and music.


No parental assistance required. Jitterbugs suits children attending a 4yr kindergarten or crèche program and incorporates ballet, jazz and tap.

Most children in Jitterbugs in have completed Little Fairies and Elves classes – but this isn’t a requirement. This is a class where fun and discipline go hand in hand. The ATOD syllabus is introduced to lay the foundations for a creative technical dancer.

Preschool Acrobatics

Great fun class with Co-ordination activities and skills to enable our preschoolers to get the very first stages of acrobatic skills in a safe manner

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