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So you think you can dance? At Stepnout Performing Arts, we can help your dance dreams become a reality. We have a range of classes for teens who dance for fun, to those who want to take it to the next level.

Our teachers have years of experience and have built successful dance careers and now they’re ready to pass on their tips, techniques and secrets to you.

If you’re unsure about which class would suit your child best, why not give us a call on (03) 9741 6930 or pop into the studio for a chat.

Please note: No previous experience is required and we accept students at all levels of ability.

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Classes available

Choose from Acrobatics, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Technical Training, Musical Theatre (GLEE), Tap, Elite Team as well as private lessons in singing and the above dance styles.


Acrobatics training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration as well as spatial awareness. The high degree of discipline and concentration required for acrobatics carries over to many aspects of a student’s life, including academics and other athletic performance. Acrobatics provides the foundations for further gymnastic skills but most importantly it provides the benefits of working within a team environment:        

  • Enhances balance, coordination, and agility
  • Develops posture and confident body movement, including the ability to land safely
  • Challenges the mind and body to reach new goals
  • Builds strength and flexibility for challenge in life
  • Is the perfect team based sport for people of all ages and abilities


Contemporary is an expressive dance form with a free, artistic and creative feel. Contemporary draws a lot of its technique from classical ballet but unlike ballet, contemporary often focuses on floor work and dancers will usually perform with bare feet. This class is an extension of ballet and therefore a Ballet core class must be taken to enhance technique.

 Classical Ballet

We start by developing the basic balletic exercise for feet, legs, hands and arm extensions, both at the barre and in the center. Then we move onto skills requiring focus on coordination, strength, and control in all five ballet positions.

ATOD and Cecchetti Ballet syllabus is taught to include barre work, center floor work also including adagio, allegro, and progressions across the floor.


Mixing incredible athletics with intuitive rhythm control our Hip-hop lessons are fun, extremely popular classes for boys and girls. Learn the latest moves from your video clips to super funky routines to all the latest music available.


Our Jazz classes including technical elements such as isolations combinations, kicks, points, plie and releve, basic positions and the development of flexibility, balance, coordination, and control. This leads to jumps, leaps, turns and complex progressions increasing coordination and flexibility.

Technical Training

This class allows the dancer to learn more about his/her body. They are taught to isolate, activate and condition deep muscles. They establish core stability and the mind-body connection. Tone and elongate muscles, balance strength with flexibility. This class enables you to maintain a healthy active body. It is compulsory if undertaking Elite team and is a great benefit for any student for recreational classes or elite training.

Glee Club/Musical Theatre

We focus on singing, acting, theatre skills and jazz dance in our Glee programs. Students learn how we can combine these all art forms to tell stories. These classes help give students a broad knowledge of the art form covering a vast range of styles and shows as well as helping them build confidence and discover where their skills lie.


Our tap classes start with the most basic elements: rhythm and timing. We combine toe and heel beats, springs, steps, ball change, and combinations, leading onto more complex rhythms, timing, and variations in speed.

Later we incorporate single, and double step times, wings, grab offs, turning steps. Our Tap classes follow the Australian Teachers Of Dance (ATOD) tap syllabus.

Elite Team

Students are accepted into our elite teams by request or must audition to join the Elite Teams.  Being a member requires commitment and hard work but the rewards are endless – as students will be invited to perform at festivals, promotional events, eisteddfods, and the annual concerts.

Please note: Students accepted into the Elite Team have compulsory attendance in other classes such as our technical program. Please inquire to find out more details.

Private lessons

We offer various private one-on-tuition in the following areas:


If you’re enthusiastic about vocal training, our private lessons will guide you through the wonderful world of the music – learning how to explore and test the boundaries of your vocal instrument.


Private lessons help improve confidence and help children get ready to move into a certain class. They also help when preparing yourself for a competition or performance.

Competitions and Exams

Stepnout Performing Arts offers training for competitions and exams. Exams are recommended but not compulsory. Your teacher will advise you if you are ready to sit for an exam and then it’s your choice. Every Technical class such as jazz/tap/ballet will work towards these goals to maintain a great level throughout all classes We teach Cecchetti and ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dance)

ATOD Exam Ballet, Tap and Jazz Syllabus

Stepnout Performing Arts is a proud member of Australian Teachers of Dancing Ltd. Examinations in Jazz, Tap, Classical and Preschool Dance are available for most students. The ATOD Syllabus technically develops students of all ages and abilities for recreation or vocation. ATOD enhances individual creativity with student choreography and improvisations.


Stepnout Performing Arts offers Private Dance Classes for solo work in competitions. This one-on-one training will bring out the best of your abilities and the class is catered to your specific needs.

Elite Teams perform in competitions throughout the year. Head to our Elite page for more details.

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