2018 Timetable Release

2018 Timetable 


Well finally !!!! Here it is – the 2018 Timetable.

There are several changes to the appearance of the timetable and hoping it’s easy on the eye and a little more self-explanatory than previous ones.

  • All styles have been colour coded to make it easier to find.
  • All ages have been taken out of the timetable for easy viewing. Age grouping can now be found on the info page at the back.
  • Preschool, Kids, Teens & Adults all on one sheet for families that have children of different ages
  • (R) Recreational classes. These classes will still have syllabus and levels to be reached but no longer have the pressure of exam work.
  • * These classes are all exam classes, once again classes will have syllabus and exams held at the end of Term 2. These exams are not compulsory but the class will be working on these throughout the first 2 terms before moving on to other things throughout the year.
  • *(F). These are our exam syllabus classes now taken over 2 years. Most of these children will be starting their prep year at school. As our exams are within about 18 weeks of starting, we have found the push over the summer months and starting school too demanding on them. They will still be doing technique work but with a little more fun.
Ages and Levels
  • We have reclassified all our classes to now range from Beginners through to Seniors for easy reference.

Sundays at Stepnout

We are excited to announce that after much discussion, we are introducing Sunday classes to our studio! We hope this assists working parents with a few children, who find it difficult to enrol in classes on Saturdays or after school.  As it is new in 2018, some classes may need to be adjusted depending on numbers but we will gauge this with enrolments and keep everyone informed.

New classes for 2018

  • Acro Dance is so popular and placed into routines in competitions and classes (and don’t you remember as a kid all you wanted to do was cartwheel in the playground?). We have placed many classes on across the week on the 2018 timetable.  As most Acro classes are based on ability and strength there will be an adjustment period to confirm everyone is at a safe level for their ability once Term 1 begins. We may be able to have a trial class before we start back to confirm levels (will keep you posted).
  • Bollywood Classes commencing Sundays.
  • More Hip-Hoppers, Contemporary, Cheerleading and combined Jazz/Lyrical classes have been added to the timetable
  • Rythym Works classes Sunday for students with special needs
  • More venues will be added throughout the region MORE INFO NEW YEAR

    2018 Schedule

    • Open Day – Saturday 20 January 9 am-12 pm – Class trials & DVD PICKUP
    • Summer workshop – Wednesday 24 January (All Ages)
    • Term 1 commences –  Monday 29 January

    Any queries, questions or information you require please don’t hesitate to be in touch so we can help you through this process.



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