Jazz and Acrobatics Workshop

Tuesday 11 July    10-1pm @ Stepnout Performing Arts Studio

We are excited to announce we have Ashley Mardesic running a fabulous 3-hour workshop

in Jazz Technique & Acrobatic skills.

Here is little about Ashley:

“I love dance. I love it so much that I made a choice very early on that I was going to do whatever I could to be involved in this amazing world. I have been blessed with a long career that spans the globe; teaching thousands of children and adults all of whom have taught me how to develop the individual as well as create cohesive and hard working teams.

My philosophy is to teach habits; not steps. I fully believe that correctness, balance, and grace can only be created by equipping each student with the tools necessary to be successful. Teach a dancer tricks and they are impressive on Instagram; Teach a dancer to harness their mind and body’s full potential and they can become anything they want to be.

I am an award-winning dancer who trained at arguably one of the best schools in the world, Joann Chapman School of Dance, where I went on to win Miss Dance of America at Dance Masters of America in 1998. I have produced award winning dancers, choreography and have helped thousands of students become the best dancers they can be. All of my students improve at astounding rates using safe, intuitive teaching techniques and exercises.

I have also freelanced for many organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Everything from choreography, teacher training, teaching, and performance cleaning.”

BOOK NOW; info@stepnout.com.au or Phone us 9741 6930

Cost $55.00 must be paid for prior to booking

Time 10.00-1pm

Where. Stepnout Performing Arts, Factory 10, 61-65 Russell St Werribee



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